Worldwide Shipping

Worldwide Shipping

Shipping cost  is  FREE  all around the world!

DVD Shipping  transit  time is about  2-6 weeks in average all around the world by regular air postal service.

But, sometimes, for unknow reason, International Air Postal service can be very fast or very slow... 

As a new service for our customers, we can send all the manuals files by email as a secure and fast download link of compressed .Zip File instead of a DVD. 

If you have good internet connection, this will help you get your files faster.
Just send us a message that you want the download link when you will buy.

Remember that some DVD are 200MB and others 4.2GB!
If files are sent by email, we will not send any DVD by post.
You just have to save all the files in your computer for futur reference.

We work hard to give you the best files availables at the lower cost.

USM Team