DRAKE Ultimate Ham Radio Operation Repair Service Manuals & Schematics

DRAKE Ultimate Ham Radio Operation Repair Service Manuals & Schematics

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440 PDF files (Adobe Reader XI), JPG or DjVu  on DVD R



Condensed Catalog 1973 12 pages color

Drake Crystal frequencies chart for repeater

Drake Radios Serial Number Database A-1 to UV-3

Long wire antenna instalation manual

Receivers Past & Present 1942-1997 497 pages

The History Behind The R.L. Drake Company


1-A Instruction and Service manual

1-A schematics

2-A Instruction and service manual

2-AC cristal calibration instruction

2-B 2-BQ German manual

2-B Instruction and service manual

2-BQ Q Schematics (DjVu File)

2-BQ alignment schematics

2-BQ operation instruction

2-C Schematics

2-C accessories manual

2-C Operation and service manual

2-LF Schematics

2-NB Noise Blanker operation & schematics

2-NT Operation and service manual

4-NB Instruction and Service manual

5-NB Instruction manual & schematics

7-NB Installation instructions

9-NB Instruction manual & schematics

34-PNB Instruction manual & schematics (DjVu File)

34-PNB Instruction manual & schematics

300VMF+ instruction manual

550TCP instruction manual

806DM instruction manual

1525 EM Operation & service manual

AA-10 Instruction manual & schematics

AC-3 AC-4 Power supply trouble shooting TIE 048

AC-3 Instruction manual & schematics

AC-4 Instruction manual & schematics

AC1686 instruction manual

ACT1000 instruction manual

AL-4 instruction Manual

ALT 72 instruction manual

ALT 1000 instruction manual

Audioaccent instruction manual

AUX7 model 1536 instruction manual

C-4 Instruction manual & schematics

C-4 Schematics

C-4 manual supplements

CC-1 Manual

CPS-1 Instruction manual & schematics

CS-7 Operation & service manual

CS-7 Schematics

CW-75 Operation & service manual

CW-75 Schematics

DA series instruction manual

DAD860 DAD860A instruction manual

DAD860 Appllication Note

DAR series instruction manual

DAV860 User Manual

DC-3 instruction manual & schematics

DC-4 Schematics

DC-4 instruction manual & schematics (DjVu File)

DC-4 instruction manual & schematics

DD860 instruction manual

DDA5542R Instruction manual

DDC864 instruction manual

DDC864A Instruction manual

DDS-4 DDS-7 Digital VFO Instruction manual

DDS-4 DDS-7 instruction manual

DGS1 instruction manual & schematics

DIP42 Operation manual

DMM806 instruction manual

DNP100 Operation manual

DNP50 Operation manual

DQT1000 MQM1000 instruction manual

DQT861 Operation manual

DRMM4 instruction manual

DRMM12 instruction manual

DSE 2 Plus Operation manual

DSE24 instruction manual

DSR-1 instruction manual & schematics

DSR-2 instruction & service manual

DTA-RPS12-C Instruction manual

DTD1000A Instruction manual

DTS860 Instruction manual

DUC864 instruction manual

DUC864A Instruction manual

EH24 instruction amnaul

EH24A Instruction manual

EH244 Instruction manual

FF-1 instruction manual and schematics

FMC-1000 Operation manual

FR-4 instruction manual (DjVu file)

FR-4 instruction manual

FR-4TR instruction manual

FR-4TR update manual

FS-4 instruction manual and schematics

FS-4 Parts manual

FS-4 Schematics

HCP1550 instruction manual

HCP2550 Channel Assignments switches manual

HCP2550 switches

HCP2550A instruction manual

HDE24 manual

HDE24A Instruction manual

HighPatch Operation & service manual

IPI1000 Operation manual

L-4 instruction & service manual

L-4 instruction manual and schematics

L-4 L-4B Power supply Schematics

L-4B RF Deck Schematics

L-4B instruction & service manual (german)

L-4B instruction & service manual

L-4B Parts manual

L-7 Instruction & Service manual

L-7 Schematics

L-7 information scheet

L-75 instruction manual and schematics

LBA2030 instructions

LBS2250 instructions

LC-2 T4X Instruction manual and schematics

LC-2 T4X tech scheets

LC-2 TR Instruction manual and schematics

LN-4 manual

Magnum SIX manual & schematics

Magnum SIX service manual

Marker Luxury ML-1 Operation manual (Seiwa corp.)

Marker Luxury ML-2 Instruction & service manual

MEQ1000 instruction manual

MEQ1000A Instruction manual

ML-1 Marker Luxury Operation manual (Seiwa corp.)

ML-1 Schematics

ML-2 Marker Luxury Instruction & service manual

ML-2 parts layout + schematics

MM806 instruction manual

MMTS20 instruction manual

MN-4 instruction manual and schematics

MN-4 Parts list

MN-4C instruction manual and schematics

MN-7 Instruction manual and schematic

MN-7 Schematics

MN-75 Instruction manual and schematic (hard to read schematics)

MN-75 Schematics (Hard to read values)

MN-2000 operation manual & schematics

MN-2000 Parts list

MN-2000B operation & schematics

MN-2700 schematics

MN-2700 operation manual & schematics

MPM860AG manual

MQM1000 Operation manual

MQM6000L Instruction manual

NB-5 Instruction & service manual

NB-7 Installation instructions

OBM100 instruction manual

P75 Operation & service manual

PC801 instruction manual

PC1201 instruction manual

PC1601 instruction manual

PEG-NE24 Operation manual

PS-3 Operation manual and schematics

PS-7 Schematics

PS-7 Instruction and Service manual (Espagnol)

PS-7 Instruction and Service manual

PS-8 instruction manual

PS-75 Instruction manual and schematic

PS-75 Schematics

PS-150 PS-151 instruction manual

PS-151 instruction manual

PSM-121 instruction manual

PTO Adjustment sheet

PTO Grounding modification manual

Q-X'er Instruction and Service manual

QM1000 Operation manual

R-4 Instruction & Service manual

R-4 schematics (DjVu file)

R-4 Schematics

R-4A Instruction and Service manual (DjVu File)

R-4A Instruction and Service manual

R-4A Instruction manual (French)

R-4B Instruction and Service manual

R-4B Modification kits

R-4B Spare Parts price list 1986

R-4B to R-4C General Coverage converter manual

R-4C Installing 2- 3- 4- filtering kits Sherwood Engineering

R-4C Instruction and Service manual

R-4C Schematic

R-4C Operation and service manual (Espagnol)

R-4C Original Low Voltage power supply schematic

R-4C Parts list

R-7 to TR-7 RV-75 Cable connection

R-7 to TR-7 cable connection

R7 Service manual

R7 Adapter Model1544 Operation manual

R7A Operation manual

R8 Owners Manual

R8 service manual

R8 Alignment and hints for Notch manual

R8 Clock Backup modification manual

R8 Tone Control modification manual

R8A owner manual

R8B owner manual

R8B Service manual

R8E service manual

RCS-4 operation manual and schematics

RCS-4 parts list

RMM4 owner manual

RMM4A Instruction manual

RMM12 owner manual

RR-1 Instruction & service manual

RV-3 operation manual & schematics

RV-4 operation manual & schematics

RV-4C operation manual & service manual

RV-6 Instruction manual and schematic

RV-6 Schematics

RV-7 Instruction and Service manual

RV-75 Operation & service manual

RV-75 R-7 to TR-7 Cable connection

RV-75 RF and Analog Board Schematics

RV-75 Schematics

RV-75 Adapter Model1544 Operation manual

SC-2 operation & service manual

SC-2 operation manual & schematics

SC-2 SC-6 Spare parts list

SC-6 operation manual & schematics

SC-6 instruction and service manual

SCC-1 operation manual & schematics

SCC-4 operation manual & schematics

SCT2X4 instruction manual

SCT2860 instruction manual

SCT3860 instruction manual

SCT4860 instruction manual

SCTeci instruction manual

SDE24 SDE24A Instruction manual

SDE24 instruction manual

SDM1000 Instruction manual

SP75 Instruction and Service manual

SP75 Schematics

SPR-4 Instruction and Service manual

SPR-4 schematics

SPR-4 technical manual

SSR-1 alignment (hard to read)

SSR-1 instruction Manual & schematics (hard to read schematics)

SSR-1 Schematics (hard to read)

SRR60 user manual

SW-1 owner manual

SW-2 owner manual

SW-4 instruction & service manual

SW-4A operation and Service manual

SW-8 Owner manual

SW-8 Schematics

T-4 operation & Service Manual

T-4 Schematics

T-4B Instruction manual (german)

T-4B instruction manual + schematics

T-4B Service Manual

T-4X 4XC modification

T-4X operation & Service Manual

T-4X Schematics

T-4X operation & Service Manual

T-4X schematics

T-4XB Instruction manual (german)

T-4XB Instruction manual (Italian)

T-4XB TVI fix manual

T-4XB instruction & service manual

T-4XB instruction manual & schematics

T-4XB Spare Parts price list 1986

T-4XC Instruction and Service manual

T-4XC Instruction manual (Espagnol)

T-4XC instruction manual errata sheet

T-4XC schematics

T-4XC operation manual

T-4XC Spare parts list

TC-2 instruction manual & schematics

TC-2 operation & service manual

TC-6 Operation & service manual

TC-6 Schematics

TMQAM TMQAMasi Operation manual

TR-3 instructions manual & schematics

TR-3 TR-4 modifications kit instructions

TR-3 instruction manual

TR-3 operation & service manual

TR-3 schematics

TR-3 to TR-7 Mods manual

TR-4 operation & service manual

TR-4 schematics

TR-4C Errata sheet

TR-4C instruction and service manual

TR-4CW instruction & service manual

TR-4CW schematics

TR-4CW supplementary instruction sheet

TR-4CW RIT supplementary instruction manual

TR-5 instruction manual

TR-6 instruction & service manual

TR-6 instruction & service manual

TR-7 Alignment procedures manual

TR-7 brochure

TR-7 High Resolution schematics

TR-7 Improvements

TR-7 operation manual

TR-7 owner manual

TR-7 Renewed modifications manual

TR-7 service manual

TR-7 to R-7 RV-75 Cable connection

TR-7 TR-7A connections schematics for PSK31

TR-7 to R-7 cable connection

TR-22 Operation & service manual

TR-22C Operation & service manual

TR-22C Schematics

TR-33C Operation & service manual

TR-72 Operation & service manual

TR-270 owner manual

TR-M instruction & service manual

TUM714T instruction manual

TV-100LP TV-1000LP instruction manual

TV-3300LP instruction manual

UV-3 operation manual

UV-3 Schematics

UV-3 Service Manual

VM1550 instruction manual

VM2050 instruction manual

VM2551 instruction manual

VM2860 VM 2862 instruction manual

VMD860 VMR860 instruction manual

VMM06AG instruction manual

VMM600 instruction manual

VMM806 Instruction manual

VMM860 instruction manual

VMM860AG instruction manual

VMM860AS-AG instruction manual

W-4 operation & service manual

W-4 Parts list

WH-7 Schematics

WH-7 instruction & service manual

WV-4 instruction and service manual