Otari Ultimate Operation Repair Service Maintenance Manuals on DVD

Otari Ultimate operation repair service maintenance manuals & schematics

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180 PDF files (Adobe Reader X) on DVD R




AL-641  642  Brochure                                                                               
Capstan info sheets for various machines                                                            
CB120 Dip Switch Settings Info                                                                      
CDR-18  Operation manual                                                                            
CM Series  Brochure                                                                                 
CM-100DC  Brochure                                                                                  
CM-20CC  Brochure                                                                                   
CM-20DIS  Brochure                                                                                  
CM-25DW  Brochure                                                                                   
CM-60CS  Brochure                                                                                   
DB-10  Brochure                                                                                     
DB-16  Brochure                                                                                     
DB-16P Brochure                                                                                                                            
DB-32  Brochure       
DP-3  Operation manual  2nd Ed.                                                                                
DP-8  Brochure                                                                                      
DP-8 Series  Operation & maintenance manual  4th Ed.                                                                  
DP-10  Operation manual  2nd Ed.                                                                    
DP-205  Brochure                                  
DP-303  Brochure                                                                                    
DP-4050  Brochure                                                                                                                          
DR-10N  Brochure                                                                                    
DTR-7  Operation manual  4th Ed.                                                                    
DTR-8  Operation manual   OS3-531                                                                   
DTR-90  Operation manual 2nd Ed.  OS3-377                                                           
DX-5  Operation manual  4th Ed.   OS3-709                                                           
DX-5050  Operation manual  3th Ed.  OS3-569                                                             
Elite +  Brochure                                                                                   
FS-96  Application guide                                                                            
FS-96  Operation manual  OS1-132                                                                    
Lots of Otari info documents                                                                        
LW-50  Operation & maintenance manual  4th Ed.  OS3-572                                             
LWB-16    LWB-64   Brochure                                                                         
MR-10 Series   Operation manual   OS3-472                                                           
MR-30   Operation manual   OS1-074                                                                  
MTR Series   Synchronizer Interface Information manual                                              
MTR-10  Brochure                                                                                                                             
MTR-10  Operation & Maintenance manual                                                              
MTR-10  Schematics                                                                                  
MTR-10  Series  Operation & Maintenance manual                                                      
MTR-10 II  Brochure                                                                                 
MTR-10 II  Operation & Maintenance manual   OS3-088         
MTR-10 II  Schematics         
MTR-12  Brochure                                                                                    
MTR-12 II  Brochure                                                                                 
MTR-12 II  Operation & Maintenance manual   OS3-088   
MTR-12 II  Schematics                                                                               
MTR-15  Brochure                                                                                    
MTR-15  Exploded views and parts list manual                                                        
MTR-15  Operation & Maintenance manual   OS3-248                                                    
MTR-90  Operation & Maintenance manual   OS3-039                                                    
MTR-90 III   High Resolution schematics                                                             
MTR-90 III   Operation & Maintenance manual  4 th Ed.  OS3-304                                      
MTR-90 III   Schematics                                                                             
MTR-90 MKII  Alignment tips from MDI                                                                
MTR-90 MKII  audio and transport alignment                                                          
MTR-90 MKII  Rec Repro Amp Card schematics PB-16K0A                                                 
MTR-90 MKII  Remplacement swingarms tips from MDI                                                   
MTR-90 MKII  Servo Alignment procedure  text 1                                                      
MTR-90 MKII  Servo Alignment procedure  text 2                                                      
MTR-90 MKII  TransportServo Alignment jss 1988                                                      
MTR-90 MKII  TransportServo Alignment jss 1990                                                                        
MTR-100A  Design concept manual                                                                     
MX Series   Synchronizer Interface Information manual                                               
MX Series  Capstans notes schematics                                                                
MX-50 II  Operation & Maintenance manual  5 th Ed.   OS3-322
MX-50 Series  (50D  50N) Operation & Maintenance manual    OS3-211     
MX-55   Exploded views and parts list manual                                                        
MX-55   Parts list & shematics                                                                      
MX-55   Schematics                                                                                  
MX-55D   55N   Operation & Maintenance manual  4 th Ed.  OS3-153                                    
MX-55D   55N   Operation & Maintenance manual  6 th Ed.  OS3-153                                    
MX-55T-M,  T,  N-M  Operation & Maintenance manual  6 th Ed.  OS3-207 (Partial manual)            
MX-70  Audio amp schematics  PB-16XA                                                                
MX-70  Operation & Maintenance manual  6 th Ed.    OS3-098                                               
MX-80  Aligment and calibration manual                                                              
MX-80  Operation & Maintenance manual   Ed.8  OS3-135                                               
MX-80  Operation & Maintenance manual   Ed.9  OS3-135                                             
MX-80  Operation & Maintenance manual & Schematics  Ed.3  OS3-135                                   
MX-80  Transport block diagram                                                              
MX-5050 2SD2  QXD  0.5QXD  8SD Maintenance manual supplement, parts list  & Schematics
MX-5050 2SD2  QXD  0.5QXD  8SD  Operation & Maintenance manual  & Schematics                 
MX-5050 BII  Alignment Procedures manual  Ed.2                                                      
MX-5050 BII  Instruction & service manual   6 th Ed.  OS3-038                                       
MX-5050 BII  Instruction manual    OS3-038  (tentative)                                             
MX-5050 BII  Instruction manual    OS3-038                                                          
MX-5050 BII  Instruction manual   3 th Ed.  OS3-038                                                 
MX-5050 BII  Operation & maintenance manual                                                         
MX-5050 BII  Parts list                                                                             
MX-5050 BII  Schematics                                                                             
MX-5050 BIII Brochure                                                                                                                
MX-5050 BIII  Parts list                                                                            
MX-5050 BIII-2  Operation & Maintenance manual   Ed.3  OS3-298                                      
MX-5050 BIII-2  Operation & Maintenance manual   Ed.4  OS3-298  LotE                                
MX-5050 BIII-2  Operation & Maintenance manual   Ed.5  OS3-298                                      
MX-5050 II  Schematics                                                                              
MX-5050 Instruction manual    OS1-011                                                               
MX-5050 MKIII-2  Alignment Procedures manual  Ed.2                                                  
MX-5050 MKIII-2  Brochure                                                                           
MX-5050 MKIII-2  Operation & service manual   OS3-042                                               
MX-5050 MKIII-4  Operation & Maintenance manual   OS3-035                                           
MX-5050 MKIII-8   Operation & Maintenance manual  & Schematics  OS3-033                             
MX-5050 MKIII-8  Operation & Maintenance manual   OS3-033                                           
MX-5050 MKIV-2  Operation & Maintenance manual   Ed.3  OS3-298                                      
MX-5050 MKIV-2  Operation & Maintenance manual   Ed.4  OS3-298  LotE                                
MX-5050 MKIV-2  Operation & Maintenance manual   Ed.5  OS3-298                                      
MX-5050 MKIV-2  Parts list manual   
MX-7800  Operation, maintenance manual & schematics   OS3-008   
ND-20  Operation manual  2nd Ed.  OS1-126                                                           
PD-80  Operation manual   4th Ed.  OS3-536                                                          
PicMix   A Surround Sound Primer manual                                                             
PicMix  Operation & maintenence manual   1st Ed.                      
PicMix  White Parer manual       
Radar I  Operation Manual  2nd Ed.  OS1-058                                                         
Radar II  AES IO Pin out (iZ)                                                                       
Radar II  Analogue  IO Pin Out  (iZ)                                                                
Radar II  Operation Manual                                                                          
Radar V  24   3.10  Operation manual (iZ)                                                           
Radar V  24   3.15  Operation manual Addendum (iZ)                                                  
Radar V  24   3.20  Operation manual (iZ)                                                           
Radar V  24   3.40  Operation manual (iZ)                                                           
Radar V  24   Analogue   IO Pin out  (iZ)                                                           
Radar V  24   MultiChannel AES Pin out  (iZ)                                                        
Radar V  24   TDIF  Pin out  (iZ)                                                                                 
Radar 6   4.0 software   Operation manual (iZ)                                                      
Radar 6   4.0.2 software   Operation manual (iZ)                                                    
Radar 6   Analogue   IO Pin out  (iZ)                                                               
Radar 6   MultiChannel AES Pin out  (iZ)                                                            
Radar 6   TDIF  Pin out  (iZ)                                                                       
Radar Studio  4.1  Operation manual (iZ)                                                            
Radar Studio  Analogue   IO Pin out  (iZ)                                                           
Radar Studio  MultiChannel AES Pin out  (iZ)                                                        
Radar Studio  TDIF  Pin out  (iZ)                                                           
Series 54  Console   Summary of Controls   manual                      
Status   Brochure                                                                                   
Status   Schematics                                                                                 
Status 18R   Operation & Maintenance manual   Ed.3  OS3-609                                         
Technical Bulletin   C1 - Elite  Tie line normal kit  TB-C1-002                                     
Technical Bulletin   C1 fader calibration utility  TB-C1-001                                        
Technical Bulletin   Concept Elite   PB pin out   TB-E-004                                          
Technical Bulletin   Elite   DYN-HCP Config  TB-E-003                                               
Technical Bulletin   Elite   fader calibration utility  TB-E-001                                    
Technical Bulletin   FS96   Software H release notes   TB-FS96-002                                  
Technical Bulletin   FS96   TDIF pin out   TB-FS96-001                                              
Technical Bulletin   MX5050B  BII   Speed adjustment  TB-5050-001                                   
Technical Bulletin   UFC-AES3  Connector pinout                                                     
Technical Bulletin  FS96  ND-20   LW-50   AES-EBU pin out   TB-FS96-003                             
Technical Bulletin  Series 54  Wiring info  TB-S54-001                                              
Technical Bulletin  Series 54  Wiring info  TB-S54-002                                              
Technical Bulletin  Status 18R  Pan-Kill Adjust   TB-S18-002                                        
Technical Bulletin  Status 18R Rear Panel Pinout   TB-S18-003                                       
Technical Bulletin  Status 48IM Image size upgrade   TB-S18-001                                     
Technical Bulletin  Status Elite   DYN-HCP Config   TB-S18-004                                      
UFC-24  Brochure                                                                                    
UFC-24  Operation manual (iZ)                                                                       
UFC-24  PD IO Pin out  (iZ)                                                                         
UFC-24  SDIF  IO Pin out  (iZ)                                                                      
UFC-24  TDIF  IO Pin out  (iZ)                                                                      
VDP-208  Brochure                                                                                   
ZA-55H  Instruction & service manual