Radio Shack Tandy Ultimate TRS-80 computers series Owners & repair ser

Radio Shack Tandy Ultimate TRS-80 computers series Owners & repair service manuals on DVD

$19.95 USD

370 PDF files (Adobe Reader XI) on DVD R



33 Adult Computer Games in BASIC (1983) 504p

33 Challenging Computer Games (1981) 256p

34 More Tested Game Programs in BASIC (1981) 226p

55 Advanced Computer Programs in BASIC (1981) 254p

57 Practical Programs and Games in BASIC (1978) 206p

80 Practical Timesaving Programs (1982) 254p

80 Programs for the TRS-80 (1979) 236p

119 Practical Programs for the TRS-80 (1982) 312p

Advanced BASIC manual (1977) 194p

1 Meg Memory Upgrade Kit user manual + schematics (19xx)(Disto Super Products) 8p

2 Meg Memory Upgrade Kit user manual (19xx)(Disto Super Products) 5p

5 Meg Hard Disk Service Manual 26-1130 (1982)(Tandy) 74p

16K RAM Expansion Service Manual 26-1101 (1978)(Tandy) 10p

1400LT Modem Users Manual (1987)(Tandy) 86p

Acoustic Coupler User Manual 26-3815A (19xx)(Tandy) 4p

Acoustic Coupler 2 User Manual 26-3818 (1986)(Tandy) 6p

Aerocomp Double Density Controller User Manual (1981)(Aerocomp) 4p

Aerocomp Troubleshooting Guide (19xx)(Aerocomp) 4p

Alpha Joystick User Manual (19xx)(Alpha Products) 5p

Analog Joystick User Manual (19xx)(WICO Computer Command) 4p

Anti-Glare Mask user manual (19xx)(Tandy) 2p

BASF 5138 Mini Disk Drive Specification (1983)(BASF) 21p

BASF 6106 Mini Disk Drive user + service manual (19xx)(BASF) 78p

BASIC09 Programming Language Reference Manual Revision H(1984)(Microware Systems) 134p

BASIC09 Reference manual(Tandy Corporation) 443p

BASIC09 Tour Guide, The official (1984)(Dale L. Puckett) 298p

Bi-Directional Tractor Kit for DW2 (26-1447) user manual (19xx)(Radio Shack) 8p

Big Basic manual (Danosoft) 11p

Cardco LQ1 Daisy Wheel printer operation manual(19xx)(Cardco Inc) 28p

CCR-80A Computer Cassette Recorder (26-1206) user manual + schematics (19xx)(Radio Shack) 6p

CCR-80A Computer Cassette Recorder (26-1206) user manual + schematics (19xx)(Radio Shack) 11p

CCR-81 Computer Cassette Tape Recorder (26-1208) user manual + schematics (19xx)(Radio Shack) 12p

CCR-82 Computer Cassette Tape Recorder (26-1209) user manual + schematics (19xx)(Radio Shack) 18p

CCR-82 Computer Cassette Tape Recorder Service Manual (26-1209) (19xx)(Radio Shack) 30p

Centronics 730-1 Printer Owners Manual (1979)(Centronics Data Computer Corp) 34p

CGP-115 operation manual (Tandy) 51p

CM-4 Color Monitor Service Manual (25-1021) (19xx)(Tandy) 43p

CM-8 Color Monitor Owners Manual (25-3215) (1986)(Tandy) 12p

CoCo 3 512K RAM Board Installation manual (Performance Peripheral) 2p

CoCo XT Hard Disk Interface Application Note 5 (1989)12p

CoCo XT Hard Disk Interface v2.4 (1989) 105p

CoCo XT Hard Disk Interface v2.5 (1990) 10p

Color Computer 2 Introducing Your Color Computer 2 (1984)(Tandy) 44p

Color Computer 2 Multi-Pak Interface for The Color Computer 2 owner manual (26-3124) (1984)(Tandy Corporation) 7p

Color Computer 2 technical service manual data 26-3134 26-3136 (1986)(Howard W Sams) 35p

Color Computer 2 Operation Manual (1983)(Tandy) 34p

Color Computer 2 Service Manual (Tandy) 95p

Color Computer 2 System Reference Card (1981)(Radio Shack) 12p

Color Computer 3 300 Pokes Peeks ' N Execs for the CoCo III (1987)(Kishore M. Santwani) 25p

Color Computer 3 Assembly Language Programming for the CoCo 3 (1987) 70p

Color Computer 3 BASIC Quick Reference Manual (1986)(Tandy) 17p

Color Computer 3 Exended Basic (1986)(Tandy) 363p

Color Computer 3 Introducing Your Color Computer 3(1986)(Tandy Corporation) 46p

Color Computer 3 Mastering OS-9 On The Tandy Color Computer 3(1995) 240p

Color Computer 3 Service Manual 26-3334 (Tandy Corporation) 129p

Color Computer 26-3001 26-3002 TRS-80 Operation Manual (1980)(Tandy) 33p

Color Computer 500 Pokes Peeks 'N Execs for the TRS-80 Color Computer(1984)(Microcom Software) 78p

Color Computer 500 Pokes Peeks 'N Execs Supplement for the TRS-80 Color Computer(1986) 41p

Color Computer Appliance and Light Controller(1984)(Pico Systems)(Tandy Corporation) 64p

Color Computer Assembly Language Programming for the TRS-80 Color Computer(1985) 304p

Color Computer Assembly Language Programming manual (1983) 62-2077 (Tandy Corporation) 304p

Color Computer BASIC Unravelled Version 2 (1999) 106p

Color Computer Deluxe Joystickowner manual 26-3012B (Tandy) 16p

Color Computer Disk System - Quick Reference Guide (Tandy) 14p

Color Computer Disk System Programming Manual (Tandy) 222p

Color Computer Disk System Owners Manual (1981)(Tandy) 104p

Color Computer Graphics book (William Barden Jr.) 258p

Color Computer Micro-Computer System Quick Reference Guide(1981)(Tandy Corporation) 4p

Color Computer Programs book 62-2313 (Radio Shack) 326p

Color Computer Quick Reference Manual (19xx)(Tandy) 4p

Color Computer service manual (26-3002) (Howard W Sams) 33p

Color Computer Technical Reference Manual 26-3193 (1981)(Tandy) 78p

Color Cubes owner manual 26-3075 (Tandy) 40p

Color File II manual 26-3110 (Tandy) 40p

Color Mouse operation manual (26-3025) (19xx)(Tandy) 6p

Complete Rainbow Guide to OS-9 manual (1985) 444p

Complete Rainbow Guide To OS-9 Level II Volume 1 A Beginners Guide to Windows (1987) 288p

CTR-80 Cassette Tape Recorder owner manual + schematics (26-1205) (19xx)(Tandy) 8p

CTR-80A Computer Cassette Tape Recorder operation manual + schematics(26-1206) (19xx)(Tandy) 12p

CTR-80A Owners Manual + schematics (26-1206) (19xx)(Radio Shack) 8p

Daisy Wheel Printer II B operation & service Manual (19xx)(Tandy) 42p

DCM-7 Operation Manual + schematics 26-1394 (Tandy) 72p

DCM-212 Intelligent Modem Operation Manual (26-1385) (19xx)(Tandy) 100p

Deluxe RS-232 Program Pak Operation Manual (26-2226) (1983)(Tandy) 30p

Direct Connect Modem Pak Operation Manual (26-2228) (1985)(Tandy) 46p

Disc Interfacing Guide manual (1978) (Micro Applications) 47p

Disk & Video Interface operation manual (19xx)(Tandy) 68p

Disk & Video Interface Service Manual (26-3806 26-3807) (19xx)(Tandy) 126p

Disk BASIC Unravelled Version 2 manual(1999) 116p

Disk Drive technical service manual data 26-1160 26-1161 (1985)(Howard W Sams) 39p

DMP-100 Operations Manual (26-1253) (19xx)(Tandy) 22p

DMP-105 Operations Manual (26-1276) (19xx)(Tandy) 64p

DMP-106 Operation Manual + schematics (26-2802) (Tandy) 111p

DMP-120 Operation Manual + schematics (26-1255) (Tandy) 57p

DMP-130 Operations Manual + schematics (26-1280) (1985)(Tandy) 128p

DMP-132 Operation Manual + schematics (26-2814) (Tandy) 130p

DMP-135 Operation Manual (26-2866) (Tandy) 52p

DMP-200 Operations Manual (26-1254) (19xx)(Tandy) 62p

DMP-420 Operations Manual (26-1267) (1983)(Tandy) 82p

DMP-500 Owners Manual + schematics (26-1252A) (1982)(Tandy) 67p

Double Density Adapter Kit Service Manual (26-1143) (1982)(Tandy) 24p

DT-1 26-6050 Service Manual (1982)(Tandy Corporation) 40p

DT-1 Data Terminal Owners Manual (1982)(Tandy) 68p

Dual Hi-Res Joystick Adapter manual(19xx)(Hawksoft) 1p

DWP-210 Operation + service Manual (26-1257) (19xx)(Tandy) 42p

DWP-220 Owners + service Manual (26-1278) (1987)(Tandy) 52

DWP-410 Bidirectional Tractor Kit Operation Manual (26-1459) (19xx)(Tandy) 12p

DWP-510 Operation + service Manual (26-1270) (1984)(Tandy) 52p

eForth programmation manual 1983 (Frank Hogg Laboratory) 190p

Epson FX-80 FX-100 Printer User Manual (1984)(Epson America Inc) 268p

Epson MX-80 Type II Operation Manual (19xx)(Epson) 103p

Exatron Stringy Floppy Advanced Programmers Guide (19xx)(Exatron) 52p

Exatron Stringy Floppy Users Manual (1982)(Exatron)(doc)

Expander EG3014 3020 3021 3022 Technical Manual (1981)(EACA) 45p

Expander EG3014 Users Manual (1981)(EACA) 20p

Expansion Interface Cable Fix modification sheets (19xx) 4p

Expansion Interface Operation & service Manual (26-1140 1141 1142) (1979)(Radio Shack) 44p

Expansion Interface Operators Manual (19xx)(Radio Shack) 10p

Expansion Interface Schematics (19xx) 3p

Extended BASIC Unravelled Version 2 manual(1999) 87p

FD200 Disk Drive Operating and Service (1978)(Pertec) 28p

Floppy Disk Controller Schematic for Model 3 and 4 (19xx)(Tandy) 1p

FP-215 Operation Manual (26-1193) (19xx)(Tandy) 52p

Graftrax-80 printer owner manual (1981)(Epson America) 26p

H Disk Super Adapter manual (19xx)(Disto Super Products) 8p

Hard Disk System Startup Model 4-4P manual (1984)(Tandy) 72p

Hitachi HD63x09E CMOS MPU tech data sheets (19xx)(Hitachi) 37p

Important Information for Cassette Users (19xx)(Tandy) 2p

Information for Cassette Users (19xx)(Radio Shack) 4p

Information Guide For New TRS-80 Computer Owners (19xx)(Radio Shack) 12p

Inside OS9 Level II (1987)(Kevin K. Darling) 185p

Internal Memory Installation instructions (1981)(Holmes Engineering) 16p

Introducing Your Color Computer 2 (1984)(Tandy) 44p

Introducing Your Color Computer 3 (1986)(Tandy) 46p

Introduction To Your Disk System for Model 4 (19xx)(Tandy) 50p

Introduction To Your Disk System for Model 4 (19xx)(Tandy) 50p

Introduction to your Model 4D Disk System (1985)(Tandy) 48p

Joystick Controllers 26-3008A manual (19xx)(Tandy) 1p

Level 1 Users Manual (1977)(David Lien) 236p

Level II BASIC Reference Manual (1979)(Radio Shack) 196p

Line Printer operation manual (26-1150 26-1152)(19xx)(Radio Shack) 12p

Line Printer Service Manual (26-1150 26-1152) (19xx)(Radio Shack) 60p

Line Printer II Operation manual + schematics (26-1154) (19xx)(Radio Shack) 23p

Line Printer II Service Manual (26-1154A) (19xx)(Radio Shack) 98p

Line Printer VI Operations Manual + schematics (26-1166) (19xx)(Radio Shack) 20p

Line Printer VIII Operations Manual + schematics (26-1168) (1981)(Tandy) 54p

LNDoubler 5-8 Double Density Adapter User Manual v1.0 (1981)(LNW Research Corp) 68p

LNW80 Microcomputer Operations Manual (1982)(LNW Research) 125p

LNW80 Technical Reference Manual (1982)(LNW Research Corp) 210p

LNWBasic v4.0 (1982)(Modular Software Associates) 56p

LNWBasic v4.0 Quick Reference (19xx)(Modular Software Associates) 2p

LX80 Expansion Interface Manual (19xx)(Lobo Drives) word doc.

MC6809,6809E 8-Bit Microprocessor Programming Manual(1981)(Motorola) 220p

MC6809E HMOS 8-bit Microprocessing Unit Data Sheet(Motorola) 32p

MC6809-MC6809E 8-bit Microprocessor Programming Manual(1981)(Motorola) 201p

MDX-3 Interface Expansion Board v1.1 (19xx)(Micro-Design) 54p

MDX-6 Disk Upgrade for Model III (1983)(Micro Design) 16p

Micro Computer System Desk instruction manual (26-1301) (19xx)(Radio Shack) 4p

Mini Disk Operators Manual (26-1160 26-1161) (19xx)(Radio Shack) 4p

Mini Disk Service Manual 26-1160 26-1161 (19xx)(Radio Shack) 31p

MM-1 8 Megabyte DRAM Upgrade (1994)(BlackHawk Enterprises) 6p

MM-1 Extended Kit (1991)(Interactive Media Systems) 18p

MM-1 Technical Manual (1991)(Interactive Media Systems) 106p

MM-1 User Guide (1991)(Interactive Media Systems) 69p

Model 1 Level II service manual (26-1001 26-1201 26-1140) (1985)(Howard Sams) 83p

Model 1 Expansion Interface Service Manual ( 26-1140) (19xx)(Radio Shack) 44p

Model 1 Expansion Interface Service Manual (19xx)(Radio Shack) 44p

Model 1 Level 1 Users Manual (1977)(David Lien) 236p

Model 1 Level II technical service manual data (1985)(Howard Sams) 83p

Model 1 Level II BASIC Reference Manual (1979)(Radio Shack) 196p

Model 1 Level II BASIC Reference Manual 1st Ed. (1978)(Radio Shack) 127p

Model 1 Level II ROM Reference Manual (1980)(Micro Products) 84p

Model 1 Schematics (19xx)(Tandy) 8p

Model 1 Expansion Interface Schematics (19xx)(Tandy) 1p

Model 1 Hard Disk Supplement (19xx)(Tandy) 14p

Model 1-3 Hard Disk Operating System Reference Manual (26-1130) 360 pages

Model 2 Operation Manual (19xx)(Tandy) 30p

Model 2 Technical Reference Manual (service manual) (26-4921) (1980)(Radio Shack) 204p

Model 3 BASIC Reference Card (1980)(Radio Shack) 2p

Model 3 Computer Graphics manual (1982)(Tandy) 169p

Model 3 Disk Modification Kit service manual (26-1162) (19xx)(Tandy) 7p

Model 3 Disk System Owners Manual (1980)(Tandy) 182p

Model 3 Microcomputer Service Manual (26-1061 26-1062 26-1063) (19xx)(Tandy) 132p

Model 3 Operation and BASIC Language Reference Manual (1980)(Tandy) 274p

Model 3 Operation and Language Reference Manual (1980)(Tandy) 248p

Model 3 Reference Cards (19xx)(Unknown) 4p

Model 3 Service Manual (26-1061 26-1062 26-1063) (1980)(Radio Shack) 134p

Model 3 Technical Reference Manual (1981)(Tandy) 154p

Model 3-4-4P Diagnostics Manual (1983)(Tandy) 254p

Model 4 Computer Graphics manual 26-1126 (1983)(Tandy) 136p

Model 4 Disk System Owner's Manual (1983)(Tandy) 418p

Model 4 Disk System Owners Manual (1983)(Tandy) 482p

Model 4 Gate Array Service manual (1986)(Sams Computerfacts) 90p

Model 4 Hard Disk Instructions (19xx)(Radio Shack) 20p

Model 4 Hard Disk System Start-Up Manual (26-1130) (1983)(Tandy) 60p

Model 4 Hard Disk System Startup manual (1984)(Tandy) 72p

Model 4 Hard Drive Disk Instructions (1983)(Tandy) 18p

Model 4 Hard Drive System Startup (19xx)(Tandy) 66p

Model 4 Introduction to Your Disk System 42p

Model 4 Introduction To Your Disk System for Model 4 (19xx)(Tandy) 50p

Model 4 Memory Upgrade Installations 4p

Model 4 Quick Reference Guide (1983)(Radio Shack) 42p

Model 4 Technical Reference Manual (26-2110) (1983)(Tandy Corporation) 408p

Model 4 Technical Reference Manual (26-2110) (1983)(Tandy) 107p

Model 4 Technical Reference Manual (26-2119) (1985)(Tandy) 519p

Model 4 Technical Reference Manual 6.2 Updates (19xx)(Tandy) 80p

Model 4-4P Hard Disk System Startup (1984)(Tandy) 72p

Model 4-4P Technical Reference Manual (1984)(Tandy Corporation) 528p

Model 4-4P Technical Reference Manual Part 1 Hardware 297p

Model 4-4P Technical Reference Manual Part 2 Software 222p

Model 4D Disk System Owners Manual (1983)(Tandy) 474p

Model 4P Portable Reference Guide (19xx)(Tandy) 48p

Model 4P Service Manual 26-1080 (1984)(Tandy) 199p

Model 12 Owners Manual (1982)(Tandy) 95p

Model 16 service manual 26-6001 26-6002 92p

Model 16 Operators Manual (1982)(Tandy) 58p

Model 16B Built In Hard Disk owner manual (1983)(Tandy) 90p

Model 100 26-3801 26-3802 service manual 131p

Model 100 Acoustic Coupler 26-3805A owner manual 4p

Model 100 Applications Quick Reference (1983)(Tandy) 6p

Model 100 Applications Quick Reference (1983)(Tandy) 10p

Model 100 Quick Reference Guide (1983)(Tandy) 28p

Model 100 Service Manual [Preliminary] 26-3801 (1983)(Tandy) 154p

Model 100 Users Manual (1983)(Tandy) 230p

Model 102 Owners Manual 26-3803 (1985)(Microsoft) 148p

Model 102 Technical Reference Manual 26-252 (Tandy) 82p

Model 200 Basic Reference Manual (Tandy) 49p

Model 200 Multiplan Manual 26-3860 (Tandy) 58p

Model 200 owner Manual (19xx)(Tandy) 65p

Model 200 Portable Computer Service Manual 26-3860 (19xx)(Tandy) 118p

Model 200 Technical Reference Manual 26-3861 (1986)(Tandy) 158p

Model 200 Telcom Manual (Tandy) 86p

Model 600 BIOS Programmers Reference Guide 26-3901 (1986)(Tandy) 204p

Model 600 Owners Manual (1985)(Microsoft) 307p

Model 1000 Computer Service Manual (25-1000) (1985)(Tandy) 349p

Model 1000SX Computer technical service data (1987)(Howard W Sams) 76p

Modem 4P Operation Manual 26-1084 (19xx)(Tandy) 40p

Modem I Owners Manual 26-1172 (1981)(Tandy) 13p

Modem II Operations Manual 26-1173 (1982)(Tandy) 39p

Mostek Z80 Microcomputer Micro-Reference Manual (1978)(Mostek Corporation) 34p

Motorola MC6809E HMOS 8 Bit Microprocessor (1984)(Motorola) 36p

Motorola MC6821 NMOS Peripheral Interface Adapter (1985)(Motorola) 12p

Motorola MC6847 MOS Video Display Generator (1984)(Motorola) 28p

Motorola MC6883 Synchronous Address Multiplexer Advance Sheet (19xx)(Motorola) 25p

MPI 51-52 Disk Drive Product Manual (1980)(MPI) 106p

MPI Floppy Drive Schematic (19xx)(MPI) 13p

MT-32 Instruction Manual (19xx)(Microtek Inc) 4p

MT-32 Printer-Memory Module Instructions (19xx)(Microtek) 4p

Multi-Board 3 in 1 Adapter manual (19xx)(Disto Super Products) 5p

Multi-Pak Interface for Color Computer 2 owner manual 26-3124 (Tandy) 14p

Multi-Pak Interface Owners Manual 26-3024 (1983)(Tandy) 15p

Multi-Pak Interface Schematic Diagram (Tandy) 4p

Musica II owner manual (Speech Systems) 32p

MX-70 Users Manual (1981)(Compusoft Publishing) 107p

MXseries Printer Option User Manual (1980)(Epson) 16p

Numeric Pad manual 26-1103 (19xx)(Radio Shack) 4p

Omikron Mapper manual(1980)(Omikron) 38p

Orchestra-80 operation manual (1980)(Software Affair) 42p (hard to read)

Orchestra-90 operation manual 26-1922 (1983)(Jon Bokelman) 84p

Orchestra-90CC Stero Music Synthesizer operation manual 26-3143 (1983)(Software Affair) 112p

OS-9 C Compiler User's Guide(1983)(Microware Systems)(Tandy Corporation) 150p

OS-9 C Language User Manual(1991)(Microware Systems)(Allen-Bradley) 356p

OS-9 Level II and the Color Computer III (1992)(Roger Alexander Scott Honaker) 85p

OS-9 Level II Development System(1987)(Microware Systems)(Tandy Corporation) 215p

OS-9 Level II Tools(1989)(Keith J. Alphonso)(Alpha Software Technologies) 16p

OS-9 Operating System User's Guide(1993)(Dragon Data, Ltd.)(Microware Systems) 104p

OS-9 PASCAL RS Version 09.00.00 User Manual(1984)(Microware Systems)(Tandy Corporation) 169p

OS-9 Pocket Reference Guide(Microware Systems) 68p

OS-9 Quick Reference and Programmer's Guide for Professional OS-9 (1994)(F. G. Swygert)(FARNA Systems) 60p

OS-9 Quick Reference and Programmer's Guide for the Tandy Color Computer(1994)(F. G. Swygert)(FARNA Systems) 44p

OS-9 User Notes Volume I(04-1985)(Peter Dibble)(The Computer Publishing Center) 160p

Parallel Port Complete manual (1996)(Jan Axelson) 358p

PC-1 Operations Manual 26-3501 (19xx)(Tandy) 126p

PC-1 Printer Cassette Interface Manual 26-3505 (19xx)(Tandy) 18p

PC-1 Service Manual 26-3501 26-3503 (19xx)(Tandy) 40p

PC-2 Operations Manual 26-3601 (19xx)(Tandy) 109p

PC-2 Printer Cassette Interface Manual 26-3605 (19xx)(Tandy) 115p

PC-2 Printer Cassette Service Manual 26-3601 263605 (19xx)(Tandy) 74p

PC-2 RS-232 Interface owner manual 26-3612 (19xx)(Tandy) 35p

PC-2 RS-232C Interface Owners Manual 26-3612 (19xx)(Radio Shack) 68p

PC-3 Owners Manual 26-3590 (19xx)(Tandy) 289p

PC-4 Cassette Interface Owners Manual 26-3651 (19xx)(Tandy) 24p

PC-4 Computer and Cassette Service Manual 26-3650 3651 3653 (19xx)(Tandy) 34p

PC-4 Owners Manual 26-3650A (19xx)(Tandy) 72p

PC-6 Service Manual 26-3672 (19xx)(Tandy) 27p

Percom Data Separator (19xx)(Percom) 8p

Percom Data Separator Installation Manual (19xx)(Percom) 6p

Percom TFD-100 Mini-Disk System (1979)(Percom) 16p

Plotter Printer owner manual 26-1190A (19xx)(Radio Shack) 43p

Plug n Power Appliance and Light Controller manual 26-3142 (1984)(Pico Electronics) 64p

Portable Disk Drive 2 Operation Manual 26-3814 (1986)(Tandy) 24p

Portable Disk Drive Command Reference (19xx)(Tandy) 7p

Portable Reference Guide Model 4P manual(19xx)(Tandy) 48p

PTC-64 Printer Controller Operation Manual 26-1269 (1984)(Tandy) 40p

RS-232 Pak (19xx)(CoCoPro) manual 9p

RS-232-C operation manual + schematics 26-1145 (1978)(Tandy) 35p

SA400 Floppy Disk Drive Application Bulletin (1977)(Shugart) 22p

SA800-801 Diskette Drive Illustrated Parts (1977)(Shugart) 20p

SA800-801 Diskette Drive Maintenance Manual (1977)(Shugart) 40p

SA800-801 Diskette Drive OEM Manual (1977)(Shugart) 50p

SA800-801 Diskette Drive Theory of Operations (1977)(Shugart) 38p

SA4400 Ministreaker Floppy Controller (1977)(Shugart) 38p

SCSI System v2.2 manual (19xx)(Randsoft) 16p

Speech-Sound Cartridge Manual (Tandy) 54p

Speech-Sound Cartridge Service Manual 26-3144A (Tandy) 28p

Sprinter 1L Speed-Up Board (1981)(Archibold Electronics) 14p

Sprinter II installation & operation manual (1981)(Holmes Engineering) 9p

Sprinter II installation & operation manual (19xx)(Holmes Engineering) 14p

Sprinter III installation & operation manual (1982)(Holmes Engineering) 15p

Super Extended BASIC Unravelled Version 2 manual (1999)(Walter K. Zydhek)(Spectral Associates) 110p

System 80 Users Manual (19xx) 17p

Tandon Floppy Drive Schematic (19xx)(Tandon) 4p

Tandon OEM TM501-2-3 Operating and Service Manual (1983)(Tandon Corp) 66p

Tandon OEM TM602S-603S Operating and Service Manual (1982)(Tandon Corp) 32p

Tandon TM-50 Floppy Drive Schematics (19xx)(Tandon) 11p

Tandon TM-50 Service Manual (1983)(Tandon) 102p

Tandon TM100 Floppy Drive manual(1982)(Tandon) 15p

Tandon TM-100-1 Flexible Disk Drive service manual (1982)(Tandon) 53p

Tandon TM-600 Mini-Winchester Drive specification sheets (19xx)(Tandon) 2p

Teac FD-55 Drive Maintenance Manual (1983)(Teac Corporation of America) 217p

Teac FD-55 Floppy Drive Schematic (19xx)(Teac) 2p

Teac FD-55AV Drive Maintenance Manual (1985)(Teac Corporation of America) 211p

Teac FD-55BR Disk Drive Data Sheet (19xx)(Teac) 7p

Teac FD-55BR Floppy Drive manual (19xx)(Teac) 14p

Teac FD-55BV-06 Drive Specification manual(19xx)(Teac Corporation of America) 35p

Teac FD-55GFR Floppy Drive manual (1996)(Teac) 21p

Teac FD-505 Floppy Drive manual (1994)(Teac) 23p

Tomcat TC70 Board scheet (1991)(Frank Hogg Labwatories) 1p

Touch Pad owner manual (Koala) 5p

Trilogy Model III Drive Controller Installation (1983)(World Wide Data) 46p

TRS-80 mini-disk (26-1160 26-1161) service manual 31p

TRS-80 Level 1 Patent (1986)(Steve Leininger) 36p

TRS-80 Micro Computer Technical Reference Handbook 1st 26-2103 (1978)(Radio Shack) 110p

TRS-80 Micro Computer Technical Reference Handbook 2nd 26-2103 (1982)(Radio Shack) 116p

TRS-80 Multi-Pak Interface Owner's Manual 26-3024 (1983)(Tandy Corporation) 15p

TRS-80 Screen Printer manual 26-1151 (19xx)(Radio Shack) 4p

TRS-80 Technical Manual (service manual) (1978)(Radio Shack) 42p

TRS-80 Video Display operation manual 26-1201 (19xx)(Radio Shack) 4p

TRSDOS & Disk Basic Reference v2.3 (1979)(Tandy) 203p

Universal Video Driver manual (Mark Data Products) 8p

Using the Heath H-14 Line Printer (1979)(Author Unknown) 6p

Video Display 26-1201 operation manual(19xx)(Radio Shack) 4p

Video Genie Service Manual (1980)(EACA) 59p

Video Genie System BASIC Manual (1980)(EACA International Ltd.) 92p

Video Genie System Service Manual (19xx)(Trommeschlager Computer GMBH) 56p

Video Genie System Technical Manual (19xx)(Trommeschlager Computer GMBH) German 45p

VIP Calc manual (Softlaw Corp) 197p

VIP Database manual (Softlaw Corp) 124p

VIP Disk-Zap manual (Softlaw Corp) 92p

VIP Speller manual (Softlaw Corp) 48p

VIP Terminal manual (Softlaw Corp) 91p

VIP Writer manual (Softlaw Corp) 150p

VoxBox Speech Recognition Device Addendum 26-1181 (19xx)(Radio Shack) 2p

VoxBox Speech Recognition Device manual 26-1181 (19xx)(Radio Shack) 36p

VoxBox Speech Recognition Device Service Manual 26-1181 (19xx)(Radio Shack) 22p

VS100 Voice Synthesizer Manual (19xx)(Alpha Products) 40p

WD1002-05 Winchester Controller manual (19xx)(Western Digital) 70p

Western Digital 1000 Winchester Disk Controller manual (19xx)(Western Digital) 57p

Western Digital 1002-SHD Winchester Controller manual (1984)(Western Digital) 45p

Western Digital 1771-01 Application Notes (19xx)(Western Digital) 8p

Western Digital 1771-01 Data Sheets (19xx)(Western Digital) 20p

Western Digital FD179X Application Notes (19xx)(Western Digital) 16p

Western Digital FD179X Data Sheets (19xx)(Western Digital) 24p

Western Digital FD179X-02 Floppy Disk Controller manual (19xx)(Western Digital)[Partial] 34p

WP-2 Portable Word Processor Owners Manual (1987)(Tandy) 87p

WP-2 Portable Wordprocessor Service Manual 26-3930 (1989)(Tandy) 138p

XLR8er Operator Manual (19xx)(-) DjVu file

X-Pad GT-116 Owners Manual 26-1196 (1982)(Tandy) 65p

Z80 CPU Technical Manual (1977)(Zilog) 83p

Z80 Microprocessor Reference Card (1981)(Nano Systems Corp) 16p