RCA Victor Vintage Radio Ultimate repair service manuals & Schematics

RCA & RCA Victor Ultimate Radios repair service manuals & Schematics

$19.95 USD


This DVD contents more than 1050 Original  RCA & RCA Victor  Vintage Radio, Amplifiers & Turntables  Service Files!!!!

Perfect for all  repair/service shop or  users  that want to have a lot of  Vintage RCA manuals.

1050  Service manuals & schematics  files of  vintage Radio, amplifiers & turntables!

The best DVD  for historical references...

With these service manuals & schematics, you can easily find the problem if you have little electronical knowledge.

All the manuals in this DVD  (PC and Mac)  are in  PDF files (Adobe Reader XI) or DjVu,  JPG or  TIF.

The files are not compressed to save on DVD cost! 

You will see all the files as you open it in your PC or Mac computer!

All the files are listed by models, so very easy to find the critical information!

You will always have all the informations of your gear with you to give to your repair shop!



Note: Shipping  time is about 2-3 weeks in average for USA customers since we are in Canada, 3-4 weeks for Europe, 5-9 weeks for Asia and Australia by regular air postal service. Fast & Secure Download option is available instead of DVD by post mail.

 If you need specific manual,  just send me a message and I will try to help you

I take pride in presenting the manuals in the best quality possible.
Remember that one manual can contain several models.

Sorry, I can't list all the 1050 manuals included.

Few of these manuals are not very good scans , hopefully though,  they will help you enough to service your vintage radio.
File are in English.

Remember  that RCA & RCA Victor must have made more than 5000-6000 manuals over the years...
So this DVD don't have it all!

If you need specific manuals for your model, wrote me a message and I will be pleased to wrote you if your model is included in the DVD.
If I don't have it, I will try to find it for you!