Realistic Radio Shack Ultimate AUDIO Owners & repair service manuals

Realistic Radio Shack Ultimate AUDIO Owners & repair service manuals

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240 PDF files (Adobe Reader XI) on DVD R




12-650 Schematics

12-655 Service manual

12-656 Schematics

14-603 (SCT-30) Service manual

14-603 Schematics

15-1275 Video Color Processor owner manual + schematics

15-1277 Video Sound Processor owner manual + schematics

31-1962 (SA-2001) Service manual (Hard to read schematics)

31-1964 (TM-102) Service manual (Hard to read Schematics)

31-1968 (STA-7) Service manual

31-1985 (SA-2000) Service manual

31-1988 Schematics

31-1997 (STA-720) Schematics

31-1997 (STA-720) Service manual

31-2000A Operation manual & Schematics

31-2003 (STA-730) Schematics

31-2003 (STA-730) Service manual

31-2013 Schematics

31-2030 Equalizer operation manual

31-2048 (STA-18) Circuits Adjustments

31-2056 (STA-82) Service manual

31-2061 (STA-85) Exploded View page

31-2061 (STA-85) Schematics

31-2061 (STA-85) Service manual

31-2063 (STA-90) Service manual

31-2065 (STA-235) Schematics

31-2065 (STA-235) Service manual

31-2065B (31-2065) Schematics

31-2065B (STA-235B) Service manual add

31-2071 (STA-21) Service manual

31-2075 (STA-2000) Alignment Instructions

31-2075 (STA-2000) Schematics

31-2075 (STA-2000) Service manual (hard to read schematics)

31-2075 (STA-2000) Service manual

31-2076 (STA-2100) Service manual

31-2077 (STA-78) Service manual

31-2078 (STA-16B) Service manual

31-2080 (STA-52B) Schematics

31-2080 (STA-52B) Service manual

31-2082 (STA-95) Schematics

31-2082 (STA-95) Service manual

31-2085 (STA-2200) Service manual

31-2090 (STA-2100D) Service manual

31-2097 (STA-870) Service manual

31-2098 (STA-115) Service manual

31-3000 (STA-2080) Service manual

31-3010 (STA-2300) Service manual

31-4010 (QTA-790) Schematics

31-4010 (QTA-790) Service manual

31-4016 (QTA-770) Service Bulletin

31-4016 (QTA-770) Service manual (Hard to read)

31-9022 (SA-1500) Schematics

31-9081 Schematics

32-115 Operation manual & Schematics

32-1200A Schematics

32-1210 Operation manual & Schematics

33-2050 Operation manual & Schematics

42-2111 Schematics

42-2960 (LAB-400) Service manual

42-2970 (LAB-500) Service manual

42-2975 (LAB-420) Service manual

CD-1000 (42-5000) owner manual

Clarinette 123 schematics

Concertmate MG-1 (42-4000) service manual

FM1 Schematics

HTS-105 (31-3044) Operation manual

LAB-36 Operation & Service manual

LAB-54 (42-2950) Operation manual

LAB-60 (42-2951) Operation manual

LAB-250 (42-2968) Operation Manual

LAB-290 (42-2978) Operation manual

LAB-300 (42-2931) Operation Manual

LAB-340 (42-2919) Operation manual

LAB-400 (42-2960) Operation manual

LAB-400 (42-2960) Service manual

LAB-420 (42-2975) Service manual

LAB-420 Operation manual

LAB-440 (42-2976) Operation manual

LAB-500 (42-2970) Owners Manual

LAB-500 (42-2970) Service manual

LAB-500 (42-2970) Operation manual

LAB-1100 (42-2023) Operation manual (no pictures)

LAB-1600 Operation manual & Schematics

LAB-2000 Operation manual

LAB-2100 (42-2911) Operation manual & Schematics

LAB-2100 Service manual

LAB-2200 Operation manual & Schematics

Mach One (40-4029) owner manual

Mach Two (40-4032A) owner manual

MG-1 Concertmate (42-4000) service manual

MC-1800 (40-1992A) owner manual

Minimus 2 Specs and Instructions manual

Minimus 7 (40-2030B) owner manual

MPA-40 32-2032a Schematics

MPA-45 (32-2035) Operation manual

MPA-125 Operation manual

MPA-250A Operation manual

MPX-215 Schematics

Noise Canceller M1310H schematics

Nova-4 (40-4031) Owners Manual

Optimus 17 (40-4025) owner manual

Q-800 (14-1901) Owners Manual + schematics

QTA-770 (31-4016) Service Bulletin

QTA-770 (31-4016) Service manual (Hard to read)

QTA-770 Amp circuit schematics

QTA-770 CD-4 circuit schematics

QTA-770 Lamp deflector

QTA-770 Mains circuit schematics

QTA-770 Panel Meter circuit schematics

QTA-770 PSU circuit schematics

QTA-770 Quadravox circuit schematics

QTA-770 Speaker sw circuit schematics

QTA-770 StereoMax circuit schematics

QTA-770 Tone circuit schematics

QTA-790 (31-4010) Schematics

QTA-790 (31-4010) Service manual

R-8010 (42-4910A) Operation manual

RD-8100 Operation manual

SA-10 Schematics

SA-100C Schematics

SA-101 Schematics

SA-102 Operation manual (Hard to read) & Schematics

SA-102 Schematics

SA-150 Schematics

SA-500 Schematics (hard to read)

SA-1500 (31-9022) Specs manual + schematics

SA-2000 (31-1985) service manual

SA-2000 (31-2075) service manual

SA-2001 (31-1962) service manual (very hard to read... no schematics)

SCP-24 Schematics

SCT-18 (14-606) Operation manual

SCT-22 Schematics

SCT-30 (14-603) Service manual

SCT-30 Schematics

SCT-33 Schematics

SCT-42 (14-628) Operation manual + schematics

SCT-42 Schematics

SCT-56 (14-676) owner manual

SCT-3000 Schematics

SSM-60 owner manual

SSM-1250 (31-3009) owner manual

SSM-1750 owner manual

SSM-2200 (32-9006) owner manual

STA-7 (31-1968) owner manual + schematics

STA-7 (31-1968) Service manual

STA-16B (31-2078) Service manual

STA-18 (31-2048) Circuit Adjustments

STA-21 (31-2071) Service manual

STA-47 Schematic

STA-52B (31-2080) Schematics

STA-52B (31-2080) service manual

STA-77L (31-9030) schematic

STA-77L (31-9030) owner manual

STA-78 (31-2077) Service manual

STA-82 (31-2056) Exploded View page

STA-82 (31-2056) Owner Manual + schematics

STA-82 (31-2056) service manual

STA-85 (31-2061) Schematics

STA-85 (31-2061) Service manual

STA-90 (31-2063) Alignment procedures (No Schematics)

STA-95 (31-2082) Owner Manual + schematics

STA-95 (31-2082) Schematics

STA-95 (31-2082) Service manual

STA-110 Schematics

STA-115 (31-2098) Service manual

STA-116 Schematics

STA-117 (31-2013) Schematics (Hard to read)

STA-120B (31-2042) Operation manual + Schematics (Hard to read)

STA-235 (31-2065) Schematics

STA-235 (31-2065) Service manual

STA-235B (31-2065) Schematics

STA-235B (31-2065) Service manual

STA-720 (31-1997) Schematics

STA-720 (31-1997) Service manual

STA-730 (31-2003) Schematics

STA-730 (31-2003) Service manual

STA-800 (31-2088) owner manual + schematics

STA-800 Schematics (Hard to read)

STA-820 31-2087 Schematics

STA-820 31-2087 owner manual + schematics

STA-860 (31-2097) service manual

STA-2000 (31-2075) Service Manual (hard to read schematics)

STA-2000 (31-2075) Schematics

STA-2080 (31-3000) service manual

STA-2100 (31-2076) owner manual

STA-2100 (31-2076) service manual

STA-2100D (31-2090) service manual

STA-2200 (31-2085) owner manual

STA-2200 (31-2085) service manual

STA-2250 (31-2095) owner manual

STA-2250 (31-2095) schematics

STA-2290 PCB board 4 pages (partial service manual)

STA-2300 (31-3010) Schematics

STA-2300 (31-3010) Service Manual

STA-2600 (31-3015A) owner manual

STA-2600 (31-3015A) schematics

STAV-3370 (31-3032) owner manual

STAV-3560 3570 (31-3035 3036) owner manual

STAV-3690 (31-3040) owner manual

STAV-3770 (31-3042) owner manual

STAV-3780 (31-3045) owner manual

Stereo Frequency equalizer (31-1987) owners manual + schematics

Stereo Frequency equalizer (31-1988) owner manual + schematics

Stereo Frequency equalizer (31-2000A) owner manual + schematics

Stereo Frequency equalizer (31-2020A) owner manual + schematics

Stereo Frequency equalizer (31-9081) schematic

Stereo Mixing Console (32-1200A) schematics

Stereo Mixing Console (32-1200C) owner manual

T-3 Service manual & Schematics (photofact)

TA-100 Schematics (Hard to read)

Tape Control Center (42-2105) owner manual + schematics

Tape Control Center (42-2115) owner manual + schematics

TK-112 schematics

TM-102 (31-1964) Service manual (Very Hard to read)

TM-150 Schematics (Hard to read)

TM-152 (31-1967) owner manual + hard to read schematics

TM-1001 (31-1961) owner manual

TM-1001 (31-1961) service manual

TM-1001 Schematics

TR-284B (14-1902) Owners Manual + schematics

TR-3000 Owners Manual + schematics

TR-3000 Schematics (Hard to read)

Video Color Processor (15-1275 owner manual + schematics

Video Sound Processor (15-1277) owner manual + schematics