Realistic Radio Shack Ultimate UHF/VHF CB radio Owners & repair servic

Realistic Radio Shack Ultimate UHF/VHF CB radio Owners & repair service manuals

$19.95 USD

530 PDF files (Adobe Reader X) on DVD R



12-240 Owner manual

12-248 Owner manual

12-249 Owner manual

12-250 Owner manual

12-251 Owner manual

12-257 Owner manual

12-260 Owner manual

12-519 Owner manual

12-655 service manual

19-345 owner manual

19-903 owner manual

20-005 Owner manual

20-119 service manual

20-135 service manual

20-145 service manual addendum

20-145 service manual

20-145A service manual

21-521 Antenna switch operation manual + schematics

21-533 Owner manual

21-541 schematics

21-902 Owner manual

21-908A Owner manual

21-940A Owner manual

21-1171 Owner manual & schematics

21-1172 Owner manual & schematics

21-1564 Schematics

21-1567 Service Manual

21-1576 Schematics

21-1840 Owner manual

22-024 transistor tester operation manual + schematics

22-030A BatteryTester Manual + schematics

22-120 power supply schematics

22-124 12V 2.5A Regulated power supply schematics

22-124A 12V 2.5A Owner manual & schematics

22-305 owner manual

22-305 service manual (hard to read)

22-306 Owner manual

22-504 12V 3A Regulated power supply schematics

22-510 Board Layout

22-510 Parts List

22-510 Schematics

22-1172 Owner manual

32-115 Owner manual & schematics

32-1200A schematics

33-2050 Owner manual & schematics

200CH owners manual

BTX-123 owner manual

BTX-124 owner manual

BTX-127 owner manual

BTX-128 owner manual

COMP-100 service manual

DSP-40 (210-054) service manual

DX-75 owners and service manual

DX-100 owners manual + schematics

DX-100 service manual

DX-120 schematics

DX-120 Service manual

DX-150 Leaflet

DX-150 Owner Manual

DX-150 Schematics

DX-150A schematics

DX-150A schematics

DX-150A owners manual

DX-150B service manual

DX-160 service manual 2nd edition

DX-160 service manual

DX-160 owners manual

DX-160 service manual

DX-200 owners manual

DX-200 service manual

DX-300 Schematics

DX-300 owners manual

DX-300 service manual

DX-302 owners manual

DX-302 Schematics

DX-302 service manual

DX-350 owner manual

DX-375 owner manual

DX-390 Owner manual

DX-390 Schematic

DX-390 Detailed parts list

DX-390 Service Manual

DX-392 owner manual

DX-394 owners manual

DX-394 owners manual

DX-394 schematics 2

DX-394 schematics

DX-394 Service Manual

DX-395 owners manual

DX-396 owners manual

DX-397 owners manual

DX-398 owners manual

DX-399 owners manual

DX-400 Owner manual

DX-402 Exploded View (hard to read)

DX-402 owners manual

DX-440 owners manual

DX-440 service manual

FRS Marine Radio 14CH owners manual

FRS-101 owners manual

FRS-105 owners manual

FRS-106 owners manual

FRS-108 owners manual

HTA-20 circuit-board

HTA-20 exploded-view

HTA-20 owner manual

HTA-20 schematic

HTX-10 owners manual

HTX-10 service manual

HTX-100 schematics

HTX-100 schematics

HTX-100 owners manual

HTX-100 schematic

HTX-100 service manual

HTX-200 owners manual

HTX-202 service manual (2)

HTX-202 Service manual (3)

HTX-202 service manual

HTX-202 owners manual

HTX-202 supplement owners Manual

HTX-204 Owner manual 1 (text file)

HTX-204 Owner manual 2 (text file)

HTX-204 Owner manual 3 (text file)

HTX-212 owners manual

HTX-212 service manual

HTX-242 owners manual

HTX-242 service manual

HTX-245 Extended Range Addendum

HTX-245 service manual

HTX-252 owners manual

HTX-252 service manual

HTX-400 owners manual

HTX-404 owners manual

HTX-404 schematic 1

HTX-404 schematic 2

HTX-404 service manual

HTX-420 owners manual

MPA-45 owner manual (32-2035)

MPX-215 90LX063 schematics

MPX-215 schematics

MTX-103 Marine owners manual

Patrolman-10 owner manual

PRO-2 owners manual + schematics

PRO-3A owners manual + schematics

PRO-4 Owner Manual + schematics

PRO-6 owners manual + schematics

PRO-7 Partial service manual (hard to read)

PRO-9 owners manual + schematics

PRO-10 Owner manual (text file)

PRO-16 16A Service Manual

PRO-16A owner manual

PRO-20 Owner manual (text file)

PRO-20 Parts list (text file)

PRO-22 owner manual UK (Hard to read)

PRO-22 owner manual

PRO-23 Owner manual (text file)

PRO-23 Parts list (text file)

PRO-25 Owner Manual

PRO-26 owners manual

PRO-27 owners manual

PRO-28 owners manual

PRO-29 owners manual

PRO-30 owners manual

PRO-31 owners manual

PRO-34 service manual

PRO-34 owners manual

PRO-35 owners manual

PRO-36 owner manual

PRO-38 schematic

PRO-38 owners manual

PRO-39 owners manual

PRO-41 owners manual

PRO-43 owners manual

PRO-43 service manual

PRO-44 owner manual

PRO-45 owner manual

PRO-46 Owner manual

PRO-50 owners manual

PRO-50 schematics

PRO-51 owners manual

PRO-53 owners manual

PRO-55 MX owners manual

PRO-57 Owner manual

PRO-60 owner manual

PRO-60 Service Manual

PRO-63 owners manual

PRO-66 owners manual

PRO-70 owners manual

PRO-71 owners manual

PRO-72 owners manual

PRO-74 owners manual

PRO-76 owners manual

PRO-79 owners manual

PRO-82 owners manual

PRO-83 owners manual

PRO-84 owners manual

PRO-89 Quick Start guide

PRO-89 owners manual

PRO-90 owners manual

PRO-91 owners manual

PRO-92 Exploded View

PRO-92 owners manual Addendum

PRO-92 owners manual

PRO-93 owners manual

PRO-94 owners manual

PRO-94 service manual

PRO-94A Owner manual

PRO-95 owners manual

PRO-95 quick start guide

PRO-96 Preloaded Data Addendum

PRO-96 Programming Shortcut

PRO-96 owners manual

PRO-97 owners manual

PRO-99 owners manual

PRO-100 Owner manual

PRO-106 20-106 Service Manual

PRO-106 Owners manual

PRO-106 Quick start guide

PRO-107 owner manual

PRO-135 owners manual

PRO-136 owners manual

PRO-137 OwnersManual

PRO-160 owners manual

PRO-160 quick start manual

PRO-162 owners manual

PRO-163 & PRO-164 Frequency addendum

PRO-163 owners manual

PRO-164 Owners manual

PRO-164 owners manual

PRO-197 20-197 service Manual

PRO-197 owners manual

PRO-404 owner manual

PRO-405 owner manual

PRO-433 owners manual

PRO-444 owner manual

PRO-444 Quick Start guide

PRO-528 Quick Start Guide

PRO-528 owners manual

PRO-649 Owner Manual

PRO-650 Owner Manual

PRO-651 Owner Manual

PRO-652 Owner Manual

PRO-668 Owner Manual

PRO-2001 Owner Manual (2)

PRO-2001 Owner Manual

PRO-2002 owners Manual

PRO-2003 owners manual

PRO-2004 service manual

PRO-2004 owners manual

PRO-2004 service manual

PRO-2005 owners manual

PRO-2006 Exploded view (hard t read)

PRO-2006 Parts list

PRO-2006 schematics

PRO-2006 service manual add

PRO-2006 Service Manual

PRO-2006 Owner manual (French)

PRO-2006 owners manual

PRO-2006 schematics (2)

PRO-2006 schematics 1

PRO-2006 schematics 2

PRO-2006 schematics 3

PRO-2006 schematics

PRO-2006 service manual addendum

PRO-2006 service manual

PRO-2006 user manual

PRO-2008 owners manual

PRO-2009 Operation manual (text file)

PRO-2009 Owner Manual

PRO-2009 Parts list (text file)

PRO-2010 Owner manual (french)

PRO-2011 owners manual

PRO-2015 owners manual

PRO-2016 owners manual

PRO-2017 owners manual

PRO-2018 owners manual

PRO-2020 service manual

PRO-2020 short Manual

PRO-2021 Owner manual

PRO-2021 owners manual

PRO-2021 service manual

PRO-2022 service manual

PRO-2023 owners manual

PRO-2024 owners manual

PRO-2025 owners manual

PRO-2026 service manual addendum

PRO-2026 service manual addendum

PRO-2026 service manual

PRO-2027 owner manual

PRO-2027 Service Manual

PRO-2028 Owner manual

PRO-2030 owners manual

PRO-2032 owners manual

PRO-2032 schematic

PRO-2035 Service manual

PRO-2035 Owners manual

PRO-2035 Service Manual

PRO-2037 owner manual

PRO-2039 Owner Guide

PRO-2040 owners manual

PRO-2041 owner manual

PRO-2042 Service Manual (20-9464)

PRO-2042 owners manual

PRO-2042 Service Manual (20-9464)

PRO-2044 owner manual

PRO-2045 owners manual

PRO-2046 owner manual

PRO-2048 owners manual

PRO-2049 owners manual

PRO-2050 owners manual

PRO-2050 Service Manual

PRO-2051 owners manual

PRO-2052 Service Manual

PRO-2052 owners manual

PRO-2053 owners manual

PRO-2054 Owner manual Addendum

PRO-2054 owners manual

PRO-2055 Quick Start Guide

PRO-2055 owners manual

PRO-2056 owners manual

PRO-2067 owners manual

PRO-2069 owners manual

PRO-2096 owners manual

PRS-102 owners manual

STA-47 schematics

STA-47 owner manual

STA-84 owner manual

TM-102 schematics

TM-102 owner manual

TR-3000 schematics

TRC-9 Schematics

TRC-9 owners Manual

TRC-9 schematics

TRC-9A Service manual

TRC-10 Service manual

TRC-11 Service manual

TRC-24 service manual

TRC-24 Service manual

TRC-24 schematics pg07_08

TRC-24 schematics pg09_10

TRC-24B service manual

TRC-24B Service Manual

TRC-24B schematics pg10_11

TRC-24B schematics pg12_13

TRC-27 service manual

TRC-27 schematics

TRC-30A service manual

TRC-30A schematics-a

TRC-30A schematics-b

TRC-30A service manual (2)

TRC-30A Service Manual

TRC-30A schematics pg10_11

TRC-30A schematics pg12_13

TRC-50 schematics

TRC-50 Service Manual

TRC-50 Service Manual

TRC-52 schematics

TRC-52 Service Manual

TRC-55 schematics

TRC-55 Service Manual

TRC-57 schematics

TRC-57 Service Manual

TRC-60 schematics

TRC-60 Schematics

TRC-60 service manual

TRC-61 schematics

TRC-61 Service Manual

TRC-92 owners manual

TRC-205 service manual

TRC-205 schematics

TRC-216 service manual

TRC-216 schematics

TRC-216 service manual

TRC-216 schematics

TRC-222 service manual

TRC-222 Service Manual

TRC-222 schematics pg30_31

TRC-222 schematics pg38_39

TRC-232 owners manual

TRC-234 owners manual

TRC-235 owners manual

TRC-236 owners manual

TRC-237 Owners Manual

TRC-239 owners manual

TRC-241 owners manual

TRC-401 Owners Manual

TRC-410 Service manual

TRC-411 Owner manual & schematics

TRC-415 owners manual

TRC-415 schematics

TRC-417 Service Manual

TRC-417 schematics pg41_42

TRC-417 service manual pg01_20

TRC-417 service manual pg21_40

TRC-419 schematics

TRC-419 Service Manual

TRC-419 service manual block_pg05

TRC-419 service manual pg01_pg12

TRC-419 service manual pg13_pg24

TRC-419 service manual pg25_pg35

TRC-419 service manual sch_pg36

TRC-422A owners Manual

TRC-422A schematics

TRC-423 service manual pg01_pg18

TRC-423 service manual pg05_06_block

TRC-423 service manual pg19_pg36

TRC-423 service manual pg37_38_sch

TRC-423 service manual pg37_38_sch

TRC-424 owners manual & schematics

TRC-430 owners manual

TRC-430 schematic

TRC-430 service manual (partial)

TRC-431 Owners Manual

TRC-432 owners Manual

TRC-432 schematics

TRC-435 schematic

TRC-435 service manual (partial)

TRC-437 schematics

TRC-437 Service Manual

TRC-438 schematics

TRC-438 Service Manual

TRC-440 Owner Manual

TRC-440 Schematics

TRC-441 TRC-441-18 Schematics

TRC-441 TRC-441-18 Service Manual

TRC-441 TRC-441-18 Service Manual (part 1)

TRC-441 TRC-441-18 Service Manual (part 2)

TRC-441 schematics

TRC-441 schematics

TRC-442 Owners Manual

TRC-445 owners manual

TRC-446 owner manual

TRC-446 Owners Manual

TRC-447 Schematics

TRC-447 Service Manual 2

TRC-447 Service Manual

TRC-447 Owners Manual

TRC-448 schematics

TRC-448 schematics

TRC-448 Service Manual 2

TRC-448 Service Manual

TRC-449 Owner Manual & schematics

TRC-449 Schematics

TRC-449 Service Manual 2

TRC-449 Service Manual

TRC-450 Schematics

TRC-450 Schematics

TRC-450 Service Manual

TRC-450-18 Owner Manual & schematics

TRC-451 Schematics 2

TRC-451 Schematics

TRC-451 Schematics

TRC-451 Service Manual

TRC-452 schematics

TRC-452 Service Manual

TRC-453 Schematics

TRC-453 Schematics

TRC-453 Service Manual

TRC-454 Schematics

TRC-454 Schematics

TRC-454 Service Manual

TRC-457 service manual

TRC-458 Owner manual

TRC-458 service manual

TRC-458-18 Owner manual & Schematics

TRC-459 Schematics

TRC-459 Schematics

TRC-459 Service Manual

TRC-463 schematics

TRC-463 Service manual

TRC-465 schematics

TRC-465 Service Manual (2)

TRC-465 Service Manual

TRC-466 schematics

TRC-466 Service Manual

TRC-469 Schematics

TRC-469 Service manual

TRC-470 schematics

TRC-470 schematics

TRC-470 schematics1

TRC-470 schematics2

TRC-470 cb schematics

TRC-470 owners Manual & schematics

TRC-473 schematics

TRC-473 owners Manual & schematics

TRC-476 schematics (2)

TRC-476 schematics

TRC-477 schematics

TRC-477 Service Manual

TRC-479 schematics

TRC-479 Service Manual

TRC-480 schematics

TRC-480 schematics

TRC-480 Service Manual

TRC-481 schematics

TRC-481 Service Manual

TRC-485 owners Manual

TRC-488 owners Manual

TRC-490 Owners Manual + Schematic

TRC-490-18 Owners Manual + Service manual

TRC-494 owners Manual

TRC-495 owners Manual

TRC-498 owners Manual

TRC-499 owners Manual

TRC-501 owners manual

TRC-502 owners manual

TRC-503 Schematics

TRC-503 Service manual

TRC-503 owners Manual

TRC-503 service manual

TRC-504 owners Manual

TRC-509 owners manual

TRC-510 owners manual

TRC-511 owners Manual

TRC-512 owners manual

TRC-514 owners manual

TRC-519 owners Manual

TRC-520 owners Manual

TRC-521 owners manual