SAILOR Ultimate Marine Radio Operation Repair Service Manuals on DVD

SAILOR Ultimate Marine Radio Operation Repair Service Manuals & Schematics

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Important: Manuals above are in English, except when it is wrote "Danish" at the end of the line.



500kHz main and reserve SOLAS staion Brochure

Automatic Radio Telex Station Brochure

Betjeningsforskrifter for Sailor MF-HF telefonistation (Danish)

Integrated radiotelex system introduction and overview manual

List of Sailor Service Informations (up to 1. july 1992)

List of Sailor Service Informations (up to May 1993)

Mounting Instructions for Short-Wave Program manual

New freq. limits for the maritime HF SSB systems (Changes to all SSB stations)

Table of microphone capsules for different handsets

Technical News - No.1 (September 1993) (Danish)

Technical News - No.2 (Februar 1994) (Danish)

Technical News - No.3 (Februar 1995) (Danish)


16T (Serie A) Operation & Service manual (Danish)

16T (Serie A) Schematics

16T (Serie F) Operation & Service manual (Danish)

26D Schematics

26D (Serie A) Operation & Service manual

26D (Serie J) Operation & Service manual

26D (Serie J) Operation & Service manual (Danish)

36D Brochure (Danish)

36D Schematics

36D Partial schematics

36DA Operation & Service manual (Danish)

36DA Partial schematics

36DA Partial schematics

46B DF unit Schematics

46BK 46BL Brochure

46FB Transformer Wirring diagram

46T Operation & Service manual (Danish)

46T Schematics

46T (Serie A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H) Schematics

46T (Serie B) Operation & Service manual

46T Brochure (Danish)

46T Operation & Service manual (Danish)

46TD 46TN Operation & Service manual (Danish)

46TD 46TN Operation & Service manual (Danish)

46TD Brochure (Danish)

46TD (Serie A,B,C,D,E,F) Schematics

46TN (Serie A) Schematics

56D Brochure (Danish)

56D Operation & Service manual (Danish)

56D (Serie A) Schematics

56T Brochure (Danish)

56T Operation & Service manual (Danish)

56T (Serie A) Schematics

56TD Brochure (Danish)

56TD (Serie A) Schematics

66SM Brochure (Danish)

66T Brochure (Danish)

66T Operation & Service manual (low quality)

66T Partial schematics

66T (Serie A) schematics

66T (Serie A,B,D,E,F,G,H,J,K,L) Operation & Service manual

66T (Serie C) Operation & Service manual (Danish)

76D Operation & Service manual (Danish)

76D Brochure (Danish)

76D (Serie A,B,C,D,E) Schematics

96BK 96BL Brochure

96D Brochure (Danish)

96D Operation & Service manual (Danish)

96D Schematics

1000B Brochure (Danish)

1000B (H1233,H1246,H1235,H1236,H1237) Operation & Service manual

5080 AC Power Supply Installation manual

5082 AC Power Supply Installation manual

A1 Basic VHF Operation Manual

A1 VHF-DSC Operation Manual

AT1500 Operation & Service manual

AT2110 Operation & Service manual

Auditorium AKH Schematics

Auditorium F Schematics

BK171 Operation & service manual

C401 402 403 Operation & Service manual

C2140 Operation & Service manual

C2149 GMDSS Alarm Unit Operation & Service manual

C4900 C4901 Installation Manual

C4900 C4901 Service Manual

Compact GMDSS station Brochure

CRY2001 Operation & Service manual (Danish)

CX3 5-8 Brochure

CX4 Brochure

E62.240 241 242 Brochure

E214 Brochure

E214 Operation & Service manual (Danish)

FE 313 AL Schematics

Fejlfindingstips for SP TV 164-169 (Danish)

FM-fortsats for TV 067-069 Schematics

GP2M 5-8 Brochure

H198 Brochure

H198 Operation & Service manual (Danish)

H198 Operation & Service manual

H209 Brochure

H213 Brochure

H213 Operation & Service manual (Danish)

H223 Brochure

H225 Brochure & schematics (Danish)

H225 Brochure (Danish)

H238 239 240 241 242 Brochure

H410 Operation & Service manual

H416 Brochure

H416 Operation & Service manual

H421 Brochure

H1201 Operation & Service manual

H1209 Brochure

H1214 Brochure

H1216 Mounting instruction manual

H1218 Operation & Service manual

H1222 Operation & Service manual (Danish)

H1222 Brochure

H1222 Installation manual

H1224 Operation & Service manual

H1224 Brochure

H1227 H1228 Operation & Service manual

H1231 Operation & Service manual (Danish)

H1233 Operation & Service manual

H1233 H1235 Operation & Service manual

H1235 H1236 H1237 Operation & Service manual

H1237 H1238 Operation & Service manual

H1240 TT1585 Operation & Service manual

H1240 Brochure

H1240 Operation & Service manual

H1246 Operation & Service manual

H1246 Brochure

H1246 Operation & Service manual

H1247 Brochure

H1249 Operation & Service manual

H1275 Operation & Service manual

H1283 Brochure

H1404 Brochure

H2054 Brochure

H2055 H2077 Brochure

H2074 H2074S Brochure

H2076 Phone Patch til RT2047 Brochure

H2080 Brochure

H2082 Brochure

H2086 Brochure

H2087 Brochure

H2091 Brochure

H2092 Brochure

H2093 Brochure

H2097 Brochure

H2098A Operation manual

H2184 Service manual

H2185 Service manual

H2192 GMDSS service manual

HA224 Brochure

Harmoni 063 Schematics

Harmoni 853 Schematics

Harmoni F Schematics

Harmoni HKH Schematics

KUM480 HF Antenne Brochure

KUM850 HF Antenne Brochure

LF-Stroemtryk 953 Board layout

Mast fiting Brochure

Musette 061 Schematics

Musette 062 Schematics

Musette 851 Schematics

Musette 951 Schematics

Musette F Schematics

Musette FF FM Schematics

Musette J FM-AM Schematics

Musette Senior 852 Schematics

N163 Brochure

N163S Service information sheet

N420 Service manual

N1400 Operation & Service manual

N1401 Operation & Service manual

N1404 Operation & Service manual

N1405 Operation & Service manual

N1407 Operation & Service manual

N1407 Operation & Service manual

N1409 Operation & Service manual

N1409 Operation & Service manual

N1410 Operation & Service manual

N2161 service manual

N2164 Service manual

N2165 Operation & Service manual

N2165 Service manual

P2420 Service manual

PS4655 Service manual

PS4665 Service manual

R103 104 105 106 Brochure

R103 104 105 106 Operation & Service manual (Danish)

R103 104 105 106 Operation & Service manual

R108 109 Brochure

R108 109 Operation & Service manual (Danish)

R110 Operation & Service manual

R501 Operation & Service manual

R501 Brochure

R1117 Operation & Service manual

R1119 R1120 Brochure

R1119 R1120 - valid from SN.255239 Operation & Service manual

R1119 R1120 - valid from SN.313906 Operation & Service manual

R1121 Operation & Service manual (Older version)

R1121 Operation & Service manual

R2022 Operation & Service manual (Older version)

R2022 Operation & Service manual

R2022 Quick guide (Danish)

R2022 Brochure (danish)

R2122 Operation & Service manual

R2122 Quick guide

RE2100 Operation manual

RE2100 Service manual

RM2042 Service and Identify Programming manual

RM2042 Service manual

RM2150 2151 Operation & Service manual

RM2150-2151 Service and Identity manual

RM2151 Operation Manual

RM2152 Operator manual

RM2152 Service Manual version A

RM2152 Service Manual version B

RT141-142 Operation & Service manual (Danish)

RT141-142 Brochure (Danish)

RT141-142 (Serie A) Schematics

RT143 Operation & Service manual (Danish)

RT144 Operation & Service manual

RT144B Operation & Service manual (Danish)

RT144B Brochure

RT144C Operation & Service manual (Danish)

RT144C Brochure

RT145 Operation & Service manual

RT145 Brochure

RT146 Operation & Service manual

RT146 C401-403 Brochure

RT147 Schematics

RT2047 Instructions for Service and Identity programming of RT2047

RT2047 Quick guide

RT2047 Service and Identity programming Manual

RT2047 Service manual

RT2047 Brochure (Danish)

RT2047-D Service manual

RT2047-DSC Service manual

RT2047D Brochure

RT2048 Operation & Service manual

RT2048 Identity and Service programming

RT2048 Service manual

RT4722 Operation manual

RT4722 Service manual

RT4800 RT4801 Service manual

RT4822 Operator manual

RT4822 Service manual

S1300 Operation & Service manual

S1301 Operation & Service manual

S1301 S1301L Operation & Service manual

S1303 S1304 Operation & Service manual

S1303 S1304-I Operation & Service manual

Sailor GMDSS Solution Brochure

Sailor Marineradioudstyr Brochure

Sailor Pejleudstyr Brochure

Sailor Satellite Backup-up radio station Brochure

Sailor Telephone line adaptor 702090 Brochure

SP3110 Brochure

SP3110 Operation manual

SP3110 SP3111 Service manual

SP3210 SP3211 Service manual

SSB Equipment T122 T124 T126 T128 service manual

System 4000 Service Manual (C4900,C4901,RT4800,RT4801,RT4811,RT4722)

System 4000 Class E MF-HF 150W Operation manual

System 4000 GMDSS HF SSB 500W PEP Schematics + parts list

System 4000 MF-HF 150W manual

T121 SSB Brochure (Danish)

T121 SSB Operation & service manual (Danish)

T122 Operation & service manual

T122 service manual

T122 Operation & service manual

T124 Operation & service manual

T124 service manual

T124-R110 Brochure

T126 service manual

T126 SSB Brochure

T126 SSB Operation & service manual (Danish)

T126 SSB Operation & service manual

T128 service manual

T128 SSB Brochure

T128 SSB Operation & service manual

T1127 T1127L 400W SSB Operation & service manual

T1127 T1127L 400W SSB Operation & service manual

T1130 modification for Option 1

T1130 Operation & service manual

T1135 Operation & service manual

T1135 modification for Option 1

T2031 Brochure

T2031 Operation & service manual

T2130 HF SSB Operation & service manual

T2130 HF SSB Service manual

T2131 Operation & service manual

T2131 HF SSB Service Manual for HF SSB Program, 600W

T2131 HF SSB Service Manual for HF SSB Program, 1200W

T2135 Operation & service manual

TR12TSP-E Brochure

TT1585 Operation & Service manual


Service information for Sailor Programme 2000 MF-HF SSB

Service Information (Unknown nr.) (Modification of dimmer in R104) (Danish)

Service Information 2 (Sailor 16T) (Danish)

Service Information 3 (Sailor Duplex Filter type 26E) (Danish)

Service Information 4 (Sailor 16T) (Danish)

Service Information 5 (Sailor DC-converter type 36H-32) (Danish)

Service Information 6 (Sailor DC-converter type 36H-32) (Danish)

Service Information 7 (Sailor fjernbetjeningssaet type 36K) (Danish)

Service Information 8 (Forbindelsesskema for fjernbetjeningssaet 36K) (Danish)

Service Information 9 (Sailor 26D) (Danish)

Service Information 10 (Sailor 26D) (Danish)

Service Information 13 (Sailor 26D) (Danish)

Service Information 14 (Sailor 26D) (Danish)

Service Information 15 (Sailor 66T modtager) (Danish)

Service Information 16 (Sailor 66T modtager) (Danish)

Service Information 17 (Sender Sailor 56D) (Danish)

Service Information 18 (Sender Sailor 56D) (Danish)

Service Information 21 (Sailor 76RA ladekontrol) (Danish)

Service Information 22 (Sailor 76RA ladekontrol) (Danish)

Service Information 23 (Sailor 76RA ladekontrol) (Danish)

Service Information 25 (Forstyrrelser af Decca-modtagning foraersaget af Sailor 26D) (Danish)

Service Information 26 (Sailor 46T, 46TD, og 66T) (Danish)

Service Information 27 (AGC-kredsloeb i Sailor 66T) (Danish)

Service Information 28 (Blander i 66T) (Danish)

Service Information 29 (Sender Sailor 56D) (Danish)

Service Information 30 (Antennekondensator i Sailor 56D) (Danish)

Service Information 31 (Sender Sailor 76D) (Danish)

Service Information 32 (Sailor 76D) (Danish)

Service Information 33 (Sailor 76D) (Danish)

Service Information 34 (Sailor 76D) (Danish)

Service Information 35 (Krystaloscillator i Sailor 56T og 56TD) (Danish)

Service Information 36 (110-220V DC-converter for sender Sailor 56D) (Danish)

Service Information 37 (Sailor RT141-142) (Danish)

Service Information 39 (RE1301)

Service Information 40 (Sailor (RT141 Varius changes) (Danish)

Service Information 41 (Modification of RT141 to 25kHz channel separation)

Service Information 41 (Sailor RT141 overgang til 25kHz kanalafstand) (Danish)

Service Information 42 (Krafttransistorerne i modulatorenheden i sender 76D) (Danish)

Service Information 43 (RT141,RT142 adjustment procedure)

Service Information 49 (Service Information on T121)

Service Information 50 (Service information T122)

Service Information 51 (T122 power transistors)

Service Information 53 (Programming modification)

Service Information 54 (New zenerdiode)

Service Information 55 (T122 modification)

Service Information 56 (Areal modification in R104,R105,R106)

Service Information 57 (RT143 modification)

Service Information 58 (Correction to Alignment of Squelch)

Service Information 59 (Trimmer capacitor oscillator)

Service Information 60 (Adjustment correction for RT143)

Service Information 61 (Supp. to adjustment of areal tuner)

Service Information 62 (Use of 46BK on RT108)

Service Information 67 (Alignment of VHF)

Service Information 68 (PSU in T121,T124,T126,T128)

Service Information 69 (Mounting new lamp in RT144,RT144B)

Service Information 70 (Mounting of IF-amplifier in RT143)

Service Information 71 (Remote control H1200)

Service Information 72 (Failure in PSU N1401)

Service Information 73 (Blowing fuses in N1401)

Service Information 74 (Drivertube in T121,T128)

Service Information 75 (Step motor in T1127)

Service Information 76 (Concerning 24V regulator in RT144C)

Service Information 77 (Modification in RT144C)

Service Information 78 (Modification areal circuit in T1127)

Service Information 79 (LSB removal)

Service Information 80 (Regarding H1223, R1901, T1127L, H1201)

Service Information 81 (Muting circuit in SAILOR 1000)

Service Information 82 (Drivertube for T128)

Service Information 83 (Contact cleaning sticker for T1127)

Service Information 84 (Volume level change in C401,C402,C403)

Service Information 85A (Changes in RT145 controlunit C40x)

Service Information 86 (Changing post-mute time)

Service Information 87 (EPROM update for H1240)

Service Information 88 (Change of misprint in T1130 manual)

Service Information 89 (Extend freq. in transmitters in S1302,3,4)

Service Information 90 (Lubrication of H1252)

Service Information 91 (1000B antenne tuning til 5m)

Service Information 92 (Power supply N1405)

Service Information 93 (R1119,1120,S1303,1304)

Service Information 94 (CRY2001 installeret med SSB T2031) (Danish)

Service Information 96 (Missing pullup resistor in T1130 control unit)

Service Information 97 (Freq. jump in the syntheses)

Service Information 101 (Change of autotuning sequence)

Service Information 103 (Periodically no reading of freq. to exciter 1000B)

Service Information 104 (Change of PROM 6308 to 63S280)

Service Information 104A (Ang. PROM 6308 og 635280)

Service Information 106 (About PROM 6330)

Service Information 106A (About PROM 63S080 and 63S081)

Service Information 111 (Change pre-key time in H1240) (Danish)

Service Information 119 (Freq. error when TX) (Danish)

Service Information 120 (Problem with RT2047 when connected to N418) (Danish)

Service Information 121 (T1127 drive level adjustment) (Danish)

Service Information 122 (AT1500,AT1505 in connection with S1303,S1304)

Service Information 123 (Change in H1240 telexmodem) (Danish)

Service Information 124 (T1127 PA-unit)

Service Information 125 (Aobut RT2047 with CRY2001,CRY2002)

Service Information 126A (Sailor N1409 problem)

Service Information 127 (Change of diodes in T2031)

Service Information 130 (Tuning problem with T1130,T1135)

Service Information 131 (Antenna relay in RT144C)

Service Information 132 (Coax crimping-problem in RT2048,RE2100,T2130)

Service Information 133 (Freq. error in RE2100)

Service Information 134 (R2022,T2031 does not operate on some freq.)

Service Information 135 (Periodic defects in HF RE2100)

Service Information 136 (Timing problem in switching betw. RX and TX) (Danish)

Service Information 137 (Improved modulation in RT2048)

Service Information 139 (New ITU freq. in RE2100) (Danish)

Service Information 140 (New ITU freq. in RE2122) (Danish)

Service Information 141 (Emergency call on RM2042) (Danish)

Service Information 142 (Modulationproblems in RT2048)

Service Information 143 (Software version for GMDSS) (Danish)

Service Information 144 (Error 73+75 on AT2110) (Danish)

Service Information 144C (New software to T2130 when using AT2110) (Danish)

Service Information 145 (Update of RE2100 and T2130 if using remotecontrol) (Danish)

Service Information 147 (No TX on RM2150,RM2151) (Danish)

Service Information 148 (Problem with auto. freq. on RE2100 when receive DSC on RM2150,RM2151) (Danish)

Service Information 149 (No communication betw. H2095,RM2151 and H2098) (Danish)

Service Information 151 (Changes on the HF SSB systems) (Danish)

Service Information 152 (Inmarsat-C antenna problem) (Danish)

Service Information 153 (C2149 problem) (Danish)

Service Information 154 (T2131 and T2135) (Danish)

Service Information 155 (RM2150,RM2151 DSC modem update)

Service Information 156 (AT2110 improvement) (Danish)

Service Information 157 (Software update to H2095) (Danish)

Service Information 158 (Problems with SP4200) (Danish)

Service Information 159 (Black-out problem on H1253C monitor) (Danish)

Service Information 160 (Error 83 on T2131 and T2135) (Danish)

Service Information 161 (New microphone holder) (Danish)