TELEFUNKEN Ultimate Service repair manuals & schematics

TELEFUNKEN Ultimate Service repair manuals & schematics

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420 PDF files (Adobe Reader X) on DVD R




2B54GWK schematics

2L66WK schematics

4A schematics

6 schematics

8 schematics

8H43GW schematics


9H99WU schematics

10 schematics

31GA schematics

31W schematics

33G 33GL schematics

33W 33WL schematics

40W schematics

054GWK schematics

54GW schematics

55 WK schematics

065 WK schematics

065GWK schematics

076WK schematics

122W schematics

125GL schematics

125WLK schematics

143 GW schematics

154 GWK schematics

165 GWK schematics

165 WK schematics

166WK schematics

174 GWK schematics

231G GL schematics

241U schematics

314 schematics

318 A chassis service manual

327 schematics

330 WS AWS schematics

330GL schematics

335 PIP ( CHASS IDC 2 ) schematics

340 W schematics

340G GL schematics

340W schematics

341W schematics

346 348 GL 110-150V schematics

346 348 GL 220V schematics

346 GL Admiral schematics

348WL schematics

415 schematics

415 Telaio chassis service manual

415UY Chassis schematics

418A Chassis Schematics

468 and 471 schematics

510 schematics

512 WL schematics

514 schematics

517 617 service manual

522 schematics

523 GWL schematics

523WL schematics

527 schematics

531 schematics

531 536 schematics

534 schematics

540 schematics

541 schematics

543 WL schematics

545 schematics

548 Fono schematics

557 schematics

559 schematics

564 WLK schematics

567 schematics

568 571 schematics

569 572 schematics

570 schematics

570 fono schematics

576 577 schematics

579 fono schematics

586 WLK schematics

606WK schematics

615 A1,A2, A3, B3 schematics

615 chassis schematics

617 schematics

618A schematics

618-A1_A1-PIP chassis service manual

620 SUPERHET schematics

633W schematics

640 645 schematics

644GW schematics

647GW schematics

649W schematics

649WK schematics

650a-b 651-2 schematics

650GL schematics

650WL schematics

653wl schematics

653WLK 654WLK schematics

656GLK schematics

657GW schematics

659 6549 GWK schematics

659 WK schematics

664GW schematics

667 schematics

686GWK schematics

712 chassis service manual

713GW schematics

713W 713W phono schematics

714 schematics

714 chassis schematics

715 chassis schematics

724W schematics

754 757 Aristo Dante schematics

755W schematics

766W schematics

776 GWK schematics

776 WK schematics

779 783 schematics

786 schematics

787 schematics

788 792 schematics

789 schematics

791 schematics

813 W schematics

865BK schematics

865 V schematics

875 WK schematics

876GWK schematics

898WK schematics

913 schematics

913GWK schematics

913WK schematics

944 schematics

944W schematics

964BK schematics

965 schematics

965GWK schematics

965WK WKSCondor schematics

975WK schematics

976 schematics

1000 Arcofar schematics

1345 GWK schematics

1345 GWK mit VY2 schematics

1414 1414E CM-1414 schematics

1414 1414E CM-1414E schematics

3975 GWKS schematics

4347 GWK schematics

5000 schematics

6436W schematics

6445GWK schematics

6446GWK schematics

6449GWK schematics

6549 GWK schematcs

7000GWK schematics

7001 schematics

7001WK schematics

8000 schematics

8000GWK schematics

8001WK schematics

8772WK schematics

A55WK schematics

A540_ch617 schematics

ALLEGRETTO schematics



Allegro 2082 schematics

Andante schematics

Arcofar 1000 schematics

arcolette 3 schematics

Autosuper IA50 IB50 schematics

AUTOSUPER IA51 ID51 schematics

AW250 VIOLETTA schematics

B644 GWK schematics

B744 GWK schematics

Baby Star schematics

BAJAZZO Sport 3591K schematics

BAJAZZO 50 schematics

BAJAZZO 51 schematics

BAJAZZO 55 schematics

Bajazzo de luxe 3611 service manual

BALL E1 schematics

CAPRICCIO 50 schematics

CAPRICCIO mit UKW schematics

CAPRICCIO UKW schematics

CAPRICE schematics

Caprice 101 schematics

Caprice schematics

Cheri schematics

Choral schematics

Concertino 8 schematics

CONCERTO 2284 schematics

Corona 8H65 schematics

CT20 STT1 service manual

D657W schematics

D707WKK schematics

D750GWK schematics

D750WK schematics

D760WK schematics

D770WKK schematics

D860 WK schematics

D2669GWK schematics

Diana 8H64GWK

DKE schematics

Domino schematics

DY-300 DY-321 DY-350 chassis service manual

DY-900 chassis service manual

E1 E11 E48 schematics

E5 schematics

E103 schematics

E225A schematics

ELA A1105 schematics

Ela A 1140 schematics

Ela V 10 1260 schematics

Ela V 10 1265 schematics

Ela V 25-1240 schematics

Ela V 25-1281 1282 schematics

Ela V 25-1300 schematics

Ela V 75-1220 schematics

Ela V 101-1 schematics

Ela V 101-2 schematics

Ela V 101-3 schematics

Ela V 104 , 105 , 4120u , 4130 schematics

Ela V 201 schematics

Ela V 202-2 schematics

Ela V 301-1 schematics

Ela V 302-1 schematics

Ela V 303-1 schematics

Ela V 304-1u 3050 schematics

Ela V 401-1 schematics

Ela V 401-2 schematics

Ela V 402-1 & 2 schematics

Ela V 403-2 schematics

Ela V 404-3 schematics

Ela V 405-1 schematics

Ela V 406-1 schematics

Ela V 407-1u 8057 schematics

Ela V 408u 2110 schematics

Ela V 410-1 schematics

Ela V 411-1 to 6, 2081, 2080u 2000 schematics

Ela V 416u 2120 schematics

Ela V 1140 schematics

Ela V 1145 schematics

Ela V 2000 schematics

Ela V 2080 schematics

Ela V 2081 schematics

Ela V 5021 schematics

Ela V 5430 schematics

EV176D schematics

EV243A EZ242 schematics

EV255 schematics

EV285E schematics

EV1297 schematics

EZ242 schematics

FE VI schematics

FILIUS 8H43 schematics

FILIUS 9H43 schematics

GALA KONCERT schematics


GAVOTTE 55 schematics

GAVOTTE 5353 schematics

GAVOTTE 5353 W schematics


GRAND KONCERT schematics

H schematics

Hannover schematics

HA870 service manual

HR 780 RDS service manual

HS895CD schematics

HT870 Schematics

ICC5-I-WD chassis schematics

JUBILATE Schematics

JUBILATE DE LUXE 1261 schematics

JUBILATE 6 schematics

JUBILATE 7 schematic

JUBILATE 1161 service manual

JUBILATE 1651K schematics

JUBILATE 5161W schematics


KONCERT schematics


KONCERT SUPER schematics

Koncert-Trial schematics

KURIER 52 GW schematics

KURIER 52W schematics

KV 11 schematics

KV18 schematics

LIDO Schematics

LYRA M6449 GWK schematics

M240E schematics

M985 schematics

MA1 service manual

MIGNONETTE schematics

Mignonette B schematics


MUSIKUS 105V schematics

Operette 6 schematics

OPERETTE 9H65WK schematics

Operette 49 W 9 H 65 WK schematics

OPERETTE 49W schematics

OPERETTE 50 W schematics

Operette 52 GW schematics

Operette 52 W schematics

OPUS 8 schematics

OPUS 9M65 WLK schematics

OPUS 49 schematics

OPUS 49W9M65WLK schematics

OPUS 50 W GW schematics

OPUS 52 schematics

OPUS 52W schematics

Orchestra 659 schematics

Orchestra 6549 GWK schematics

PARTNER schematics

POLO service manual

REKORD TRIAL service manual

REX 8M64GWK schematics

RHYTHMUS 52 W schematics

RIO service manual

ROMA schematics

SK50 schematics

STT1 service manual

SUPERHET service manual

T1M schematics

T4Z schematics

T6 schematics

T8H64WK schematics

T9 schematics

T9A schematics

T9W schematics

T9W service manual

T23 schematics

T30W schematics

T31W service manual

T33W T33WL service manual

T40W service manual

T90W schematics

T250 T270 service manual

T250 AMPLIF schematics

T270 schematics

T270 service manual

T300 service manual

T348WL schematics

T350W T350WL service manual

T421 schematics

T500 service manual

T531 T536 schenatics

T539 schematics

T539W JUWEL schematics

T623W T623GW schematics

T644W schematics

T644W schemaitcs

T776 schematics

T813 schematics

T875GWK schematics

T876 schematics

T4347GWK schematics

T5000 schematics

T6446GWK T 6546GWK schematics

TA55 schematics

TA 55 WKK Carmen schematics

TA350 service manual

Tango 5449 GWK schematics

Tango 5449 WK schematics

TDV3000 schematics

TDV-3000[A] service manual

Telaio 415 chassis service manual

Telefunken tubes catalog 1930-1931

Telefunken tubes manual

TF32K82A TF37A82H Service Manual

TF32K82A TF37A82H Service Manual

TF37A82H Service Manual

TF42K191 Service Manual

TF42K191A service manual

TK1429X service manual

TKL3290S (23 to 42) service manual

TKP2147STX service manual

TKP2947 TK2929 schematics

TLX1 TLX2 TLX3 service manual

TP1005 schematics

TRIO CONCERT service manual

TRX 3000 schematics

TVCR210(A) TVCR610(A) service manual

TVCR-210[C] TVCR-610[C] service manual

TX80.5 chassis schematics

TX91_G chassis schematics

TX92F service manual

TX805 chassis schematics

TX807 service manual

U 47 M schematics

UKM 6A schematics

UKW 5B schematics

UKW 1 C schematics

UKW Spezialsuper 9 H 99 WU schematics

V410 schematics

V2000 schematics

V2080 schematics

V2081 schematics

VIOLA schematics

VIOLETTA AW250 schematics

VIOLETTA W250 schematics

Virgilio schematics

VIRTUOS service manual

VP882 schematics

W250 VIOLETTA schematics

WIKING 125WL schematics

WKS Condor 965WK schematics

Zauberland 8 H 64 GWK schematics