Ultimate Surplus Radio Conversion Schematics Handbook Manual Collection

Surplus Radio Conversion Schematics Handbook Manual Ultimate Collection Digital delivery

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ULTIMATE  Surplus Schematics Handbook & Surplus Radio Conversion Collection!

4  PDF Manuals
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Grayson - Surplus Schematics Handbook 1960  (115 pages)

Surplus Radio Conversion Manual Vol.1  Third Edition  (122 pages)

Surplus Radio Conversion Manual Vol.2    (127 pages)

Surplus Radio Conversion Manual Vol.3   (89 pages)

All the 4 books in this collection  are complete and in  PDF files (Adobe Reader XI).

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We take pride in presenting each pages of each manuals in the best quality possible, but remember  that some pages schematics can be little hard to read since these books are very old and hard to find!